Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

『IV. Mystic Night』I

- Is everything all right ? You seem nervous.
  Blair even had realized as I was before leaving the bathroom and came straight to the table . Matthew stared at her intently , trying to figure out what was wrong with her. Realizing his green eyes riveted on her, the girl remembered the question he had and turned to face him .
- It was nothing , I'm fine .
- Well , if you need something, you can trust me .
- Thank you.
  They were silent and tried to encourage her friend Annelise distance slightly , but nothing has been able to break the huge ice barrier between them invisible . Both were close , but with their minds away from what was happening in the hall .
  Until a person dressed as a grim reaper appeared near them , and Matthew got up with some asperity , calling the attention of Blair unintentionally .
- I'll be back .
- Are you okay ?
- Yes , I just need to resolve some small issues .

  He followed the costumed person to a restricted area of the room , which was completely deserted and cold . The reaper stood on a balcony and turned to face Matthew , who arrived seconds later . The person took the cloak and revealed a girl with red hair and smooth , with hazel eyes and extremely pale in the moonlight . The boy gritted his teeth , but remained there without showing her reaction .
- What you want , Amberlyn ?
- Rhayden is coming .
- But ... Why would he be here?
  Amberlyn grimaced .
- As if you did not know . He wants to be the head of that person to overthrow our leader .
- That traitor ... I'll see what I can do about it.
  She put the robe again and passed him .
- Do not tell her anything yet, understand?
- You think you're talking to whom , you moron ?
  Amberlyn was gone and a strange wind blew in the air . Matthew slipped out of there and returned to the table where they found Blair . He looked around the room , but could not find it anywhere. Annelise seen near a table and decided to go to her .
- Hello , Matthew !
- Annelise , Blair saw you out there ?
- She stood on the balcony when I saw ten minutes ago .
  He left without another word and went quickly to the balcony, where Blair was alone looking at the sky with a man dressed in Phantom of the Opera leaning against a wall looking at her. Matthew growled and was close to the girl .
- Want to go home ?
- Well , I think so ...
- Blair ! - Annelise appeared and pulled her friend by the arm to the salon - They will announce the king and queen of terror now !
- I'm leaving.
- No you will not , Miss ! Come on !

  All were gathered in a room and seated at their respective tables , each anxious for results. Blair and Matthew were the last to sit before the headmaster start talking .
- I know everyone is anxious for the results , so I will not do speech and go straight to the point. - He opened the envelopes - Here it is; nominees to be the king of terror , are: Thomas Herrera , Matthew Lloyd and Dylan Mytras ...
  Matthew sighed with discontent, while the rest of the hall whispering about which of them would take the title . When they calmed down again , the director talks resumed .
- However , the winner is Dylan Mytras , who won the title by a vote of difference between Matthew Lloyd , congratulations .
  The winner was the guy with the fancy of Phantom of the Opera , which went up on stage with straight face while receiving a crown and sash .
- And now , those indicated for Queen of terror : Blair Lockwood , Annelise Patterson and Sophia Linston , but we have a tie between Blair and Sophia ladies and fits to choose who will be our king his queen tonight .
  The boy's face dress Phantom of the Opera lit up when he heard the results of the girls . He briefly took the microphone and announced his choice .
- It is an honor to make this choice and I want Blair Lockwood is my queen .
  Matthew Blair gritted his teeth and held him by the hand , leading him to the exit when the other boy was heading towards her.
- Miss would give me the honor ?
- No! You are not one of the students ! I'll call security !
  He grabbed her arm and Matthew moved violently , causing both to fall on the tables and roll across the floor , causing an uproar among students . Blair stopped in his tracks and turned to take his companion that mess . He grabbed her wrist and both ran to the car .
- Matthew , what ...
- Get in the car , quickly! He will soon get out of this mess . We do not have time.
- He ? Who is he ?
  Matthew pushed her into the car and went at full speed and nearly running over several people along the way . Blair felt his stomach was far away at a height of those . He had his knuckles white by force he was holding the steering wheel . Damn , why just now ? The boy thought to himself and those thoughts were passed on in the form of severe and fierce growls .
- Are you okay ?
  He did not answer and she did not bother to answer because a shadow stood in the middle of the road with open arms , waiting for the approach of the vehicle in which they were . Matthew floored the accelerator and continued the route.
- What are you doing ? Do not you see that guy in front ?
  No answer. He was getting nervous and something inside him was eager to break free and take control of the situation .
- Matthew !
- Listen : when I say , will you jump the car .
- Are you crazy ? At this speed I ...
- You will die if you keep in the car ! Now stop asking questions and just get ready to jump.
  She looked at the shoes and the dress . That sure would not end well , but she had no choice .
- Now !
  Blair jumped and Matthew did the same seconds later and the car went on to hit the boy dressed in Phantom of the Opera in full. She covered her eyes to see the size of the accident , however , did not resist the curiosity and saw that the boy had stopped the car with one hand only . Matthew ran towards her and left hidden behind other cars that were parked along the sidewalk and turned to face the other boy , who was without a mask and without the cover .
- Rhayden .
- So you recognize me ? I'm happy without knowing it , however I am surprised with your change ... You are at the beginning was always isolated from everyone around her and now everything has changed : the personality , the looks and even the name , in fact hardly recognized .
  Matthew lost control of himself and let the trapped the thing possessed . For years he struggled to try to control it, but never got real success . His eyes took on the tone of solid silver and cold and took her hair light brown coloring. White and extremely sharp fangs protruded and , in seconds , Matthew Lloyd was not the same . Rhayden opened a smug smile and jumped on his opponent with feline grace , making a scratch on the face of the other boy.
- Will not attack ? It is a waste as much power to you !
  Rhayden continued to attack with ferocity , but Matthew remained the same . Calm, cold and still . Blood dripped from his wounds , but he did not care because I knew Rhayden could not do that much longer .

 Blair watched it with horror. Matthew was not the same and that unknown yet never tired of hurting him . She had to do something, he was sure , but what? It was evident that both were not just ordinary humans and attempting to prevent what could cause more problems for Matthew .