Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

16. ∂єαтн gαмє

  The sun was rising , breaking dawn and decreasing the period of one's life .
  Akira had not slept at any time since when we arrived in Germany and if I tried , Haruka memories filled her mind and polical could not waste time with any of that . Quitting was not an option and all that was left for her was joining in deadly head games that Blade had created , where only one of them would come out with the grand prize : their life intact . Now it was all or nothing and that game of cat and mouse that would end once and for all. Blade and would find would be rejected , even if it eroding the inside like acid.

  Blade was prepared to put an end to that. Took the picture he kept in his coat and tore it into thin strips . Alan looked atonitamente for everything , not knowing what to say . He knew Blade Single kept remembering his sister's children and when to see him ripping something that was so precious to him out shocking.
- Blade , why you ...
- Because she's my sister .
- You what? As you pour something in my head ? The Shiragawa , your enemy number one , the girl who killed his father and is the reason for all this excitement is your sister ? His ... Sister ?
- Stop making scandal, man. Now we are nothing else but opponents in the game of death and this picture proves it .
  Alan mulled the idea for a while and then joined all the pieces provided as everything began . The plans that failed conspicuously , the failures of police in to arrest him, the shots that went close to vital points of the body and never to hammer , why Blade being slaughtered the day before ... It was because of family ties between them .
- So I was right ! You were with that guy yesterday because of it !
  Blade did not respond . Lâminhas put the coat on and left without saying where he was going , however , Alan knew very well what was going on and where he planned to go , so we just waited for the signal .

  Akira received a message from Blade sometime later , marking the meeting place to end soon with everything . The police prepared their weapons and followed the avenues to get in a dark alley in a deserted street . She hung up the phone and made ​​sure to destroy the communicator and radio patrol , so they could duel in peace .
  When he entered the alley, was a shadow against the wall with his head down and just showed when he heard the footsteps of the girl next to him .
- Blade .
- Shiragawa .
  She pulled a gun from the waist , but Blade has not moved . And stood looking at it , reading every movement that Akira would do next .
  The police shot him , however , Blade out fast enough to take one of the above blades and protect the shot that would pierce his chest .
- I think this will be interesting.
- The best man win .
- It is my intention , little girl.
  Blade turned two bright and sharp blades on his fingers as he watched indicators predatorily to Akira , whose hands trembled and became cold , hindering the police to hold the gun and have a clear shot. Blade took advantage of this and attacked with two blades , making the brand an x on the left side of her face .
- I said I would not hesitate to use my weapons against you , remember? If you do not attack , you will die .
  Akira growled and left hand injury . This is not Haruka , she thought to herself , and began firing precisely against Blade , until one of the shots hit his right arm . The boy grinned , as if that shot had not affected his performance . He left one of the blades on the floor and left to struggle alone with the left arm .
- You made a mistake , my police woman. My skills are concentrated on my left arm .
 The officer was surprised and was allowed to reach the left leg. The cut was deep and it struggled their best to keep up on foot, which was laborious . Blade did not give even a minute so she could compose herself and forced it to stay kneeling and could only defend .
- If you surrender now I can leave you alive .
  Even with the sharp blade millimeters from the neck, Akira did not relent and shot in his right leg . Blade snarled again with the blade , however , the girl was not achieved.
  The victim of the attack Blade was approaching and was shot in the neck where the carotid was . The boy knelt on the floor and growled and cursed , but nothing that minimized the pain he felt .
- I did not ask you to come here , Feng .
  Akira looked back and saw that the person was like Stephen . No, Stephen was just a hoax , that it was indeed Feng and was in conjunction with Blade all the time .
- Damn ... You. ..
  Feng failed to finish swearing and fell to the ground without some life . Blade shrugged and Akira did not mind , because it would be less a task for her . Even Feng was alive , what really mattered was finished that duel Blade and put in place .