Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, January 6, 2014

『II. Human Life』

  Runners Dark Blood Academy were agitated . It was Halloween season and students desperately looking for a pair for the big dance at midnight. Posters were pasted all over the place and the school radio announcer announcing the big day incessantly , along with the sale of tickets to a show of students who had a band and they are playing some depos weeks .
- You are too focused on the research and the organization , Blair . Did you already have a date for the prom ?
- None - Blair sighed heavily and looked around - seems everyone is already committed . And you , Anneliese , got any ?
- Of course, my dear friend - Annelise smirked - and got one for you too.
  Blair froze in place and looked at her friend with amber colored eyes worried .
- I'll go with Ryan Smith and you go with Matthew Lloyd !
  She looked at her friend with eyes blazing with anger and said nothing , just walked away silently and with firm steps into the living room of the student union .
  Annelise was behind her with regret, however , regained confidence and entered without knocking .
- I do not want to talk to you !
- Blair , listen . Matthew is cool, you will have ver.Eu calculus class and general history with him , so I know how it is better than you . Moreover , he deserves a chance and you are not the student council president and representative of all classes ?
  Blair nodded , letting the anger from the pucos inside her so she thought better of the situation . In fact what Annelise said was true . As chairman of the board is up to her to make newcomers feel welcome and have a good safety reference to ask for help and clarify their doubts . So what her friend had done was not really a bad thing and decided to rectify its decision . Realizing the long silence girlfriend , Annelise smiled and patted Blair 's shoulder .

  The bell rang and they were storing their belongings in lockers to return home . All were gone and they were eager to match the decor would be like the hall , but there was someone waiting for them in the garage of the students .
  He was a boy with black hair falling in wisps green eyes and wore a black coat leather coat that was leaning against a black Audi .
- Miss Lockwood .
  Blair stared at him . The face of it was familiar , but she could not remember where. After all , so many students that she had contacted a day it was somewhat difficult to clearly remember each person school . She walked a few steps and he came to meet her .
- I'm Matthew Lloyd . I would like to thank you for wanting to be my date on prom day . I did not think you'd get the company of someone , but thanks to her friend , I was lucky to have her as a companion.
- Oh, of course . As chairman of the committee that is my duty. - She gave a wry smile - Well, if you please , Anne and I have many commitments to resolve yet.
- I suppose so . I want no more of your time . Good afternoon to you both .
- Good afternoon . - They answered in unison .
  Blair got in the car and girlfriend both left for the house of Lockwood to make sketches of decoration. As they went down the street , Annelise turned off the radio and looked at Blair , who was lost in deep thought and scribbling in your notebook .
- I still can not believe what you did!
- What did I do ?
- You were the most antisocial person's story with him !
- And. .. ?
- For me you should have been arrested . The guy is almost the model of perfection and is ignoring you ? What is your problem?
- I do not have any problem , Anne . If you want to exchange the pair with me , fine by me . Moreover , it seems that little case is reciprocal . He seemed to be kind against his will .
  Annelise hit her forehead .
- Do not try to justify their hostility to such an absurd story ! He likes a bit of you , when I talked to him about you he was completely excited and radiant !
- Print yours, but we will not be discussing this issue now . We must focus on the most important details .
- Did you see ! You always run away from conversations like these , but I agree with you this time . How about the theme being ' The Haunted House ' ?
- Very cliche.
- Old and haunted cemetery ?
- No. Please , anything that has "astonished" at the end , ok ?
- Okay , you win. I'm out of ideas .
  Completed the path in silence , thinking about the possible decorating themes .
  Came to the house of the Lockwoods shortly. Annelise stopped the silver Civic in front of Blair House and they went into the kitchen . Scoured the fridge and cupboards in search of something to eat and then put all the papers and notes on the bench . Blair did searches prices at stores across the city while Annelise searched the internet some suggestions for decorating .
- I know!
- Hey ! Do not shout ! - Blair approached the friend who was elated - I hope you have a better idea this time ...
  She dropped the phone on the counter and joined the cries of celebration girlfriend .
- It's perfect ! As we do not think of this before ? I know the right person to lend us this ... Hello? Tyder ! I need you to lend me the theme decorations that you used for your birthday last year .
- Sure ... But what will you do with it ?
- I need to decorate the hall Balie midnight .
- I'm going in a bit ... Is Dracula , right?
- Exactly . Thank you, I owe you one .