Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, January 3, 2014

14. ∂σ ησт ƒσяgєт

 Akira shivered roam your spine just when he began to move away from where he was . Shortly after starting engine of the bike , a tall shadow appears next to her and prevents her from leave, blocking the path of the bike and leaning toward her .
- You found my ticket ? Glad .
- Blade ...
- This is normal , always leave everyone speechless .
- Convinced . Get out my face , you bastard killer.
- Oh , she got angry ...
- What do you want ?
  Blade slid the window Akira 's face and stopped with his face inches from hers, looking into her eyes deeply and disconcertingly .
- I know you do not want to see me run , so you'll always haunt me give up at the last second . So why are you still with them ?
- Because I have hope that you will remember the past as it should remember.
  He gave an icy laugh, that chilled the bones of the police , but she stood firm and did not leave her trembling transpire .
- Can I call you for who you really are?
  She did not answer . For Akira , now no longer mattered as he called her , though it would be painful to hear the way he called her in the past. Her silence made ​​him continue .
- My beloved sister , what happened does not matter anymore . If you had not chosen this path , I could live with you , but as we are on opposite paths can no longer maintain the same relationship we had as children .
- I do not believe you do not remember everything we went through together, what my parents did for you ... Haruka , I do not think you've changed as much as it seems.
  Blade growled to hear his real name , but managed to stay under control and anger was decreasing gradually until it disappears altogether. If recalling the past, he lost the arrogance and leaned on the handlebars of the bike , but still without looking away from her sister.
- I admit that even disliking his father, he was a good person to me and our mother was also in love with , but it was the unforgivable fact that she left us to be with his father .
- She has not abandoned you. His father was the culprit for having taken the wrong way and you are committing the same fault . There is still time , Haruka .
- No, no . What 's done is done , Akira and we must not forget that one day we were brothers .
  Akira looked at him indignantly. As a person how he could say something of that kind ? Just him, Haruka Shiragawa Ikeda , who was always warm and gentle be willing to recant his family to continue the dark side of the law ? She could never believe that.
- How do you have the courage to forget everything we've been through together? Haruka , do you remember when we went to the park and took that competition ?
- Yes - he smiled - and it was from that day I started to call you Hunter . You hunted more butterflies than any other . I'm afraid to admit , but sometimes miss those days .
- And do you remember when we were playing in the backyard of Grandma and I tripped on the root of the tree ?
- Of course , I seem to see you running around like a clumsy duck.
  Blade patted her on the head , however, when he realized what he was doing , and immediately retreated again had the usual cold expression . Akira knew he was touching the right spot and continued .
- Do not let the mother take care of me and took responsibility to do so . The way you spoke to me to be able to make me stop crying , the care you had to enfaixaar my knee and , above all, the concern you had with me . You've always been there for me in scolding and praise , were a team , even after you've returned to live with his father .
- Akira , you used the right to describe everything you said term . We were a team , but now we are on opposite sides . I never supported the plans of my father for him to kill his father and mother , but still he continued . Even so , I still had you as my beloved and dear baby sister . My brotherly love for you was what guided me , even when you joined the police I still support you from a distance , however , when you took my father to run , I could not forgive you .
  Akira away tears because her ranking police could not show his emotions . However , Blade realized and let the past stay alive in his heart for once . He walked over and hugged her , as he used to as children. The heat got to Haruka and Akira did feel guilty of doing that. Even thought of quitting to condemn his own brother , but he remembered the girls who suffered deluded by a sense of duty and he spoke louder .
  They moved away, hesitant and Blade looked at her one last time .
- Do not hesitate to use this weapon against me, for I will not hesitate to use my against you .
- Take care and enjoy it while you can .