Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

『V. Half Blood 』

 She came out of hiding , determined to finish everything . However , Blair stopped and wondered what it would do to put an end to all that . With no response , froze a few feet away from the boys . Matthew Rhayden stopped attacking when he saw the girl there and ran over her in a heartbeat . Both the girl and the other boy were unresponsive . She was pinned against the asphalt and the body of the enemy to his companion , unable to move right . Matthew looks oscillated between her and Rhayden without much apparent concern .
- I waited so long for this ... And now the Half Blood is my ... What will you do , my dear opponent ?
- I will not do anything . If you want to know , just care about her .
   Rhayden gave a malignant chuckle and prepared canines to pierce the neck Blair , who was beginning to lose track of where I was. His vision was blurred and his blood pressure was low, which would indicate a swoon . This is no time to faint , the girl thought , trying to find a weak spot to be able to get free. Once Matthew had refused to do anything for her, she had to fend for herself .
  Blair saw a bright spot in the body of your enemy and hit him in the throat with one of the staples holding his silver hair. Rhayden left her and fell on his side , thrashing and growling for the pain that was spreading until it started to burn and disappear without even leaving ashes behind.
  The girl was still stunned by what he had done alone and looked toward Matthew , whose features showed no surprise or admiration. He just walked over and extended his hand to help her up .
- As I was able to do something like that ? What are you ? Who was that ?
- That was Rhayden and , like me, a vampire aristocracy.
  Matthew showed the symbol of the aristocracy of vampires that was in his left wrist , which had the shape of a pentagram in red blood and black colors . Blair stared at the brand until the boy covered again.
- And what you have to say about what I did ?
- That was lucky , nothing more than that .
  She blocked his path and crossed his arms . Believe that he was a vampire all right , but to say that what she had to do was a stroke of luck was not right. Matthew tried to get through it, but Blair would not budge .
- I will not believe it was luck. Matthew , please tell me what happened to me , I know you know something and is hiding it from me . It's my life and I have a right to know .
- It was just luck , I said . At the moment of despair , humans are capable of anything .
- Liar ! As you expica I know exactly where to hit him ? How do you explain the fact that I have seen a glow exactly the weak point of it ? Why he called me Half Blood ? Explain to me , Matthew !
  He fell silent and avoided her gaze . That still was not the right time , but Blair was so stubborn that he did not know what to do . He looked around , searching for a solution to that problem and he saw a shadow facing him from afar. When Matthew stared at the figure , a girl dressed in black appeared and nodded before disappearing into the darkness.
- Okay ... Do not say it's a lie .
  She fixed her eyes on him , waiting for him to continue talking .
- You are a Half Blood .
- I already know .
- Half Blood are rare since when our races began to inhabit the same space . They are born of the union between noble vampires and vampire hunters .
- I mean I'm half - human ?
- No. Hunters Vampires are not just human . He is descended from ancient wizards with humans and that has some special skills to hunt us . By research , it seems that you are the daughter of the vampire Benjamin Sky , Prince of England with late hunter Hannah Lockwood .
- A moment ... Are you saying that my mother was a hunter and had a relationship with a noble vampire? This is ridiculous !
- If it's so ridiculous, why do not you have any physical or psychological trait inherited from his human father?
  Blair paused and bowed his head . It was true that she did not look anything like the man she called father for sixteen years , but by consequence he failed to consider her a daughter .
  Realizing her prolonged silence , Matthew chose one of the cars parked and started the engine to draw the attention of the girl .
- Come on, it is getting late and I think you have a lot to process yet.
  She got into the car mechanically , without realizing the tort that Matthew had just committed and continued thinking about it . As her mother can lie so blatantly ? Does fake her father knew something about it ? What happened to her real father ?
- Matthew , you know what happened to my biological father ?
- No. But your mother should know , ask her.
- And you expect me to say what? Simply intime ?
- His mother is not stupid . When I went to pick you up at your house with vampire she recognized me . Do not tell me you did not realize that she was more serious and hard to talk to me ?
- I figured but thought it was just me .
  They followed the path in silence to the house of Lockwood , where her mother was waiting at the front door with concern . Once Matthew was away and Blair entered , her mother began to examine the neck and the arms of her daughter, as if searching for something suspicious . When he found nothing , Hannah looked into his daughter's eyes at length , looking for a gloss or different feeling . At the end of the diagnosis , she sighed in relief and allowed the girl to go to sleep after giving a short notice .
- Daughter , please have no more contact with that guy, okay? I have not found reliable.
- Mom, you could go up to my room with me for a minute ? There's something I like to talk to you .