Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

xx Ivory

I greedily ate the fish that Nazca offered me. It was not enough to satisfy my hunger, but anyway it was better than going without eating anything.
- Ivory, will you not eat?
- I'm not hungry, Nazca.
 He got up and walked toward a similar house with the Rathal. Nazca sighed, shaking her head in negative. Apparently it had been repeated before. She left the bonfire and stood up.
- What happened to him?
- This does not concern you, girl. Humans are not able to understand what happens here.
 I had no time to say more. Nazca out faster than a distance away. I was near the fire to warm up and saw a fish there. Without knowing whether or not I went to the house where Ivory was and I knocked on the door.
- Nazca, go away, please.
- She just went ... - I replied, not knowing what to say next. However, the door opened and I saw his cold stare on me and what I had in my hands - Well, maybe you're hungry, so ...
- I'm fine, do not worry about me. You need this fish more than me, as I can see.
 I understood it as an insult, but I kept silent, just staring at the floor and wondering what to say, but the door was closed before I at least realized.

- Do not worry girl, you did nothing wrong.
 That voice. I had already heard before. But what was he doing there? Before I could even turn around to face him, I remembered what that human hunter told me about the fact that the map be false to take me to death.
 Rathal sat by the fire and began to eat the fish that was left.
- Why are you looking at me with that face? I don't survive olny drinking blood, if that's what you are thinking. At least not yet.
- Why did you come here?
- To find out if everything was okay with you. After all, I think someone said that the map I gave you was false.
 How did he know all that?
- It was not Ivory who told me that.
- Yes, it was. Ivory, the human.
- Ivory?
 Rathal looked annoyed.
- What's wrong, girl? I'm not being clear enough for you?
- Hey, do not discount your bad mood on me, okay? I am not resident here to familiarize myself with these things.
- Right, right. - He threw the stick where the fish was in the direction of Ivory's door - That guy is half-human. During the day the hunt as a human hiding in the forest and at night is locked there, playing the whole life out here alone ... By the way, how did you get here?
- Following those two stars.
 Rathal had to work a bit to get to see them, but when he did a smile appeared on his face gently.
- They are really hard to see, only Ivory can find them effortlessly. After all, they are the souls of his parents. I imagine they have guided you here, but do not understand the reason.
- I'm surprised you know all my life, Rathal.
 Ivory was standing with the door open.
- I know more than you think, boy. Do not doubt me.
 Rathal disappeared as quickly as had appeared.
- If you work for him, you'd better get out of here.
- I do not work for it and you should know that.
- It's not because you know what I am you have the right to use this tone with me, human.
- You are also human, Ivory. And I also have a name.
- I have no interest in knowing it; if you will stay here, do not make noise once I'm trying to sleep; if you go away, then go once and for all.
- I do not have the slightest idea of ​​where to go at this time.
- Then be quiet there.
 Again the door is closed before I could answer. Luckily, I will find the way home and leave this place. As much as I like these creatures as well, I see that some are completely different from the stories I'm used to reading. And either Ivory and Nazca were this kind of difference.