Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, June 3, 2016


- There is nothing to be discussed! What the hell they want to negotiate in two years?
- That's not our problem. We just follow orders.
 The other snorted, dissatisfied.
- I do not think it will happen something. This is a waste of time.
- Think of it as a season off.
- I hope that when we return that boy will serve for something.
- Oreans is a family of extreme military respect. Axel is proving more capable than most of us.
 The boy was panting in the midst of training camp, with sweat running down his forehead and hair. Since he could not try to find Rena, he should be content to train day after day.
- Axel.
 That same marshal called.
- We got information about your sister.
- Do not play with me.
- I am not kidding. We have special agents to gather information.
- Then say it, please.
- She's under the tutelage of Paul Collins, the young colonel of the Western Alliance. He is making her become general if the war starts again.
 Axel looked at him, not knowing what to say. Rena was too fragile to receive such training. Anyway, she would never do anything against him, since she does not know of his participation.

- Admit once for all that you participated in it and we will end up with all this here.
 The Prime Minister of the Western Alliance clenched his fists on the table.
- I have nothing to admit! What you're doing is slandering us without evidence, Mr. President.
- You, as Chancellor should take responsibility of your country. No one has an intelligence army as brilliant as yours. It is more than obvious the participation of you in this scam.
- This does not imply anything. We have no reason to join something like that! The Southern Union and the Western Alliance have partnership in trade vehicles, we would not derail a trading partner and no one.
- So prove it. You have two years to prove me. The New America is not willing to say absolutely nothing and the East Asia defend you blindly, we can not listen to them.
- I must not prove anything to you. I wold not send agents to do such a thing like that.
- I do not want to take this case to the end, Chancellor. However, you do not give me choice.
- As if we were afraid of your army.
 The representatives of the New America and East Asia are not manifested. After all, nothing good would happen if they interfere.
- Tht's enough!
 The President of the Continental Council - the council that took care of the diplomatic relations of the world's countries - clapped his hands tightly on the table, causing both the Chancellor and the New Union President to sit in silence.
- You are only children! What are you thinking about this war? Millions of innocent civilians are at stake! Mr President, are you sure that the Western Alliance has interests that?
- One of my soldiers said he saw a person with the military uniform of them breaking into the warehouse.
- So you believe in gossip?
- No sir. However my soldiers never would lie about it.
- Chancellor, what you have to say?
- To send an agent to the warehouse them would require many financial resources with special transport and equipment for unnecessary purposes. Because we are investing in several projects of expansion of training centers for future government technology developers, I would never waste resources to it.
- Well, I have no authority to judge any of you, yet will I be required to accept the continuation of the war if you do not reach an agreement. Just think about the lives of civilians and its soldiers. Really worth so much death, destruction and terror for something childish?
- Why do not you forget it?
- Easy for you to say. The East Asia is in perfect condition and unharmed of any attack. - His gaze turned to the Chancellor of the Western Alliance - This is completely inexcusable and unacceptable.
- Slander and accusations without evidence is also unacceptable, Mr. President. I want to add one thing: as I will be obliged to prove the innocence of my country, I want the South Union has concrete evidence of infiltration of my agents in warehouses.
 The Chancellor thought he saw the hands of the President tremble with the request, but was not sure. Anyway, his expression seemed to know something important.
- If that's what you want - the expression of the President softened - then that is what you will have. I want to see how you will defend yourself after it.