Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, June 10, 2016


 We stopped the car near where the helicopter of the Chancellor was.
- You see that?
 The official car of the Union was already there. This was a problem, because who knows what kind of lies he would invent?
- Let's go.
 Paul followed from inside the Council building. It was actually bigger than I expected. The floor was highly polished, like a mirror, and I could smell different kinds of flowers as we advanced.
- Paul, you know where we're going?
- Yes. I know this place like the back of my hand.
 We stopped abruptly when three Union soldiers pointed their guns at us. However, the look of them was actually in Axel.
- Why are you looking at me like that? It seems you are looking at a ghost.
 I could see the hands of one of them tremble before my brother shoot. Another fell to his knees, throwing the gun away and the other ran down the hall, but Paul shot and he fell.
 At the same moment we heard screams coming from the top floor. Once the elevator was in use, we climbed the stairs quickly, without giving importance to security. As we climbed, the screams increased. Paul was in front, with the firm weapon into fists.
- Go with him. - Axel said, leaning against the wall - I'll stay here in case something happens. They can not see me yet. I want to appear when the time is right.
- To save all, I presume.
 He smiled.
- Go quickly.
 I hurried to reach Paul, who was almost at the door of the room.
- I will not admit it! What they did was steal!
 It was the President who was screaming hysterically that way.
- Why are you so upset, President?
- Because the term they prove the innocence already ended! In addition, this CD was in my main military base; his soldiers invaded my limits!
- Does not matter. If this is a prove, then I have an obligation to see it.
 Something made of glass falls. Paul looked at me and nodded. It was time to enter.
- What is it? Who gave permission for them to come here ?!
 The president of the Union was red in the face, such as a pepper. In trembling hands was a bottle of water broken, he was appointed to the Council president, who smiled to see us.
- Arrived in good time, Alliance soldiers. Your Chancellor told me that you were responsible for gathering it, right?
 We nodded and he continued, heedless of the fact of being threatened by the president of the Union.
- You were the brightest soldiers I have ever seen: dressed as Union soldiers infiltrated without having raised suspicions and still managed to find a way in their security to get get it ... - He was with the CD in the hands - It certainly was something brilliant. Let's see what they got.
- They robbed me! This should be considered a crime of the highest level!
- Not during a war. After all, you also stole the uniform of my army. - The Chancellor interfered.
 The president of the Council ignored the attempts of others to recover the CD and then we could see the images from the security cameras of the arms warehouse and the president's office at the base. Each image, the president of the Union was more mad and desperate.
 No trespassing sign on the stated date. A Union soldier with the Alliance uniform. Axel wearing the uniform to be duped by the President. Another soldier taking pictures of my brother in the warehouse under instructions of the marshal. All conversations of the President in the office. That was what was needed to prove our innocence.
- So that's what happened.
 The Chancellor glared President of the Union with the look.
- Damn! Soldiers like you should be killed, as was the fate of the other two Oreans.
 A knock on the door interrupted the speech of the President and Axel came quietly, leaving him bewildered and taking the rest of sanity he still had.
- It can not be ... - The President put down the glass, which shattered and pointed to my brother, with trembling hands. The color drained from his face, showing terror. - He should have turned ashes! I even burned his corpse!
- But did you check the "corpse"?
 He growled, even fiercer than before.
- You mean you tried to burn the body of a soldier? - The president of the Council was interested - You know this will against the New Agreement, right? As steal uniforms of other countries and forging charges.
 The president of the Union was paler than before and the sweat trickled down his forehead. Apparently he did not know what to say to defend.
- The fault is all of them! If Parliament of the Alliance did not have the idea of ​​separating the South Union none of this would have happened! Because of them my country nearly went into crisis!
- You enslaved us because we can produce more than the other states. People do not deserve it. Moreover, you have always been obsessive and tyrannical. A proof of this is what you did to get back at us. - The Chancellor did not try to hide the anger and disgust, with a mixture of relief for liberation.
 The president of the Council listened to everything carefully and thoughtfully as the Chancellor speak. From time to time he alternated looks for all who were present in the room and finally got up with a role in the apparently important hand.
- I'm actually all that. After everything I saw and heard today, in addition to all that I know from the past, it takes me long to make this decision. However, I do it now. - He held the paper so all we could see - you see it, President?
 The other nodded and the paper was torn then causing him to lose his breath.
- From today the Southern Union no longer exists.
- It can not be. Please, I ask you to reconsider.
- There are no considerations for all that has happened so far. Your position as president is extinguished here and now as well as your life. - The president pressed a special button and Council soldiers appeared, leading the ruler of the Union, which now no longer existed. - Take him to the electric chair, this man has caused sufficient misfortunes to us all.
 He was taken without the strength to say absolutely nothing to defend. Maybe it was because there was nothing to say, since after all what happened that was the best solution for everyone.
- What will happen to the Union?
- It will be added back to the Alliance. - The Chancellor replied. - Both we and the former Union are small and must come together again. However, they will be better now under guardianship on.
- I do not believe it will be something so peaceful. - Axel intervened - must be people who supported the former government and will start a riot. There will be no peace.
- Yes, there will. There is no single person who currently support. Those who did died as soldiers in war. - The Representant said in delivering a sheet - I got this for some time and decided to keep it to an extreme, as today.
 It was a letter with the signature of the majority calling for the end of Southern Union and tyrannical government. I imagine that sometime they should be happy with the new news.
- Once again thank you for the courage and applaud you all for intelligence on the battlefield. Without you, certainly this war would not end. - The Chancellor looked at us - I'm sure Carter Oreans is happy for you wherever you are.
 We nodded proudly.
- But I know that they had instructions from a bright mind like yours, captain. Being still young and with great military experience, I am happy to associate it with the special Army Council as a colonel.
 I saw Paul smiling in a way that I never thought I'd see. It was as if one of his dream had come true. Maybe it was really a dream. He bowed as a sign of gratitude and loyalty.
- You two can have the same promotion if you want. However, you will be agents to infiltration operations, recognition and data access.
 We looked at each other. At first, the only reason we had entered the war was for us to meet again. I could not accept because I had other plans in mind, and one of them was the university and get a job that did not include the carrying of weapons. Axel seemed to understand my situation without words.
- I will accept the offer. - He said, convinced.
- How about you? - The Chancellor was waiting for my answer.
- I can not. I have other plans and just entered this war because of Axel.
 He nodded in a comprehensive manner.
- I understand. You are closer than expected. - He alternated eyes on us and then to the representant. - And what are your plans?
- Enter the university and get a job in addition to general.
- What will you study?
 Axel looked for a moment and remembered my father.
- Medicine.
- I'm glad to say that I can get a job for you. You can work in the medical department of the military base of the Alliance and of the Council in this way you will be close to your tutor and your brother. What do you say?
 I nodded, unable to speak for the emotion that dominated me. Axel and Paul hugged me and I felt complete again. Though he can not take the place of our father, Paul turned out to be a perfect replacement and admit I could not have done any of this without his help.