Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, June 17, 2016

xx Shinny Stars

 The night was already falling, and I had not yet found a place to get to sleep until dawn. I did not know how far back it was Rathal home, so I decided to keep moving forward. For a moment I had the impression of walking in circles, since the trees on the road seemed endless. I decided to turn left, penetrated me among more trees.
 I do not know how long I was walking in that direction, but it was enough to make me feel exhausted. I sat at the foot of a tree to catch my breath and looked at the sky for the first time. There were countless stars, which were not different from those of the human world, but seemed brighter. However, the best look, there were two stars together and they could shine even more than the others so that awakened something inside me; a feeling that I did not know exactly where it came from and who made tears come to my eyes unexpectedly.
 I got up and began to follow the direction of those two stars, who attracted me like two magnets. I kept moving through the trees until I see an exit not far from me. Finally I was free and I could see that there was nothing around me except for a light in front of me, exactly in the same direction of the stars. As I approached more and more, I could see that a fire was lit and there were two people there: one, a woman, was sitting, cooking some fish. The other, a boy, was lying down, looking up without realizing what was happening around him. I should proceed? It was clear that they were not human, but not all were hostile, right?
- Your place is far away from here, human.
 The woman spoke to me in a gruff voice that made me freeze. I thought I heard a growl forming in her throat, but the boy was lying interfered. His hair was blue as his eyes, that conveyed indifference.
- Be calm, Nazca.
- You know well that I am not the type to tolerate humans.
- However, she seems lost. And hungry. How did you get here?
- I followed those two stars.
 Once pointed to the two stars, he seemed surprised.
- Few people can see those shining stars. - The voice of Nazca softened - I think you're not an ordinary human, in the end. - Her eyes narrowed - but I'll keep an eye on you.
- Y-Yes - I answered, sitting next to the fire.