Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, June 6, 2016


The war began when I turned eighteen. During this time, I could train to survive in the battlefield.
 In less than half an hour we were at the military base.
- I hope you have the courage to fight for our country.
- I'm ready for it.
- Remember, if deserting or betraying our country we will have to kill you.
- Yes sir. I will not forget it.
- We're counting on you.
 I entered the military car already armed and the army uniform. My whole army was with me and would not take many time to reach the battlefield.
 There were Alliance soldiers in the field already, however, the amount of Union soldiers appeared. Other cars of our army were coming and were greeted with well-aimed shots from enemies. Apparently, all the red soldiers were there and would not have any more drive to get.
- Take care.
 It was the last thing I heard Paul say before separating from him and take action to not be killed. I do not know if they realized that I was a woman or if they really were blinded by hatred of our country, because whenever I could see I was met with a hail of machine gun shots that almost could not take and fight back at the same time. I tried to look for any sign of Axel, but I could not see him anywhere. For a moment I feared the worst happened to him and I could not save him.

 He was looking for reindeer on the battlefield, but faltered one second might even be dead. The same could happen to her and it made him worried. After three years apart Axel feared what might have happened to her. He had to find her and bring her to his side quickly, before someone killed her.

 I managed to pull away a bit from where happen all the carnage to find my brother. It was deserted and only the buildings destroyed by airstrikes were there.
- Axel! Axel!
- Rena?
 I looked back. That face. Those eyes. Yes, it was Axel. He was there and was safe. I ran toward him, but stopped when I saw him wearing the red uniform of Southern Union.
- What are you doing with that outfit?
- Rena, come with me. The Alliance is not good for us.
- What are you saying? Axel, what did they do to you?
- I'm sure you do not know something.
 I was silent, hoping that kind of thing he would say.
- The injury of our father ... It could have been cured if doctors from the Alliance wanted.
- I know that, Axel. And they wanted to cure it.
- It's a lie. My Marshal said they just let our father die.
- You do not know anything. Paul showed me the truth.
 I handed the two roles that Paul gave me that day. Axel hands were shaking the as mine as to what I saw everything for the first time.
- It can not be. They faked it, Rena. Our father would tell us if he had cancer.
- Axel, you do not understand? The crisis he had, his reluctance in wanting to go to the doctor. Everything makes sense.
- No, do not. My Marshal said ...
- Your marshal does not know anything! They are lying to you! How could you abandon your country and serve the people who helped to kill our father?
- It's a war, Rena. You can not save anyone. It was an accident, they had no intention.
 I did not recognize him anymore. He spoke like a cold soldier of the Union. Where was that old Axel faithful to the family?
- Axel, how can you betray our father and leave me this way?
- During all this time I was thinking of you. I never wanted to leave you.
- We could have run away from them that day. But you did not. If it were not for Paul I would have been dead.
- I saw you on the battlefield. They turned you into a machine, Rena. They infected you with lies.
- I'm infected? Axel, you were. You hated the Southern Union because they have started this war and our father have to fight.
- I did not know the reason for this war. However, I imagine that you also know.
- Yes, but what worries me is you to be with them.
 He scratched his head, not knowing what to answer.
- Please, it's not too late for you to change sides.
- Forgive me, but if you will not change I will not either.
 Tears stung my eyes. I did not want to fight him. The idea of ​​using a weapon against him was unacceptable. Axel was my brother and I loved him more than anything.
- Rena, do not make things more difficult than they already are.
 I could see in his eyes that he did not want to do that, but pride and stubbornness spoke louder. It reminded me of my father.
- Forgive me for this, but you are my enemy and I can not let you live. I'll pretend I have not seen you around here for ten seconds.
 Ten seconds to not be killed by my own brother? It was a nightmare. It could not be true.
- You have eight seconds.
 I knew I should not, but before the time finishes I hugged Axel with all the strength I could.
- I love you, and this will never change.
- Two seconds.
 The dropped and ran before being killed. As I walked away, I felt my right arm burning after hearing the sound of a shot. He missed on purpose, I was sure. It was a warning for me to forget our brotherly love, which for me was impossible. The tears still streaming down my face as I ran through the gunfire and tried to fight back.
 Inadvertently bumped into someone.
- Rena? What happened?
- Axel was sold to them. He almost killed me. He said I was the enemy.
- I did nowant to say it, but you should see him the same way.
- How? Paul, I can not raise a weapon against him.
- But I can.
 I held his arm.
- Please do not do that. Do not kill him.
 Paul snorted, dissatisfied. But he nodded, agreeing with my request and then returning to the field.
 I took my gun off the floor and wiped the tears. I take care of the rest and avoid the most Axel. Just shoot against him if there was not another way out.