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Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

xx Falling in a Dream

 I woke up in the middle of a plain covered by a soft, green lawn, near a small river that quietly passed with its crystal clear and pure waters. I do not know where I was, but the place brought me a strange sense of comfort and a vague sense of having been here before, however I did not know where I was. I was still in my blue flannel pajamas and my fuzzy slippers.
 I took the grass that was in my clothes and started walking following the course of the river by the end of the plain, where there was a completely detached house with smoke coming out the chimney and bringing with it the smell of something being roasted.
 My stomach made a sound completely known, but I would not knock on someone's door I even knew who to ask for something to eat ... Or maybe should I? I walked in the direction of the house quietly, listening for any sign of who lived there, but to no avail. The silence and peace, maybe should just be only one person who lives there. I stopped in front of the door and thought about knock because hunger was becoming unbearable, however, something made me hesitate.
 I lowered my hand, defeated and turned on my back and began to walk back to the river. Maybe find the way back home somehow.
- Hey, human!
 He was talking to me? I looked around and saw no one but me, so I looked back.
 A long blond haired boy, gray eyes and the body covered with a dark gray robe was walking toward me. He seemed really familiar to me, but could not remember where. I was surprised at the way he had called me, after his appearance was human to me.
- What are you doing here?
- I do not know. I was at home and suddenly woke up near the river.
 He smiled quietly, but I did not understand the reason.
- Come. You must be hungry.
 I hesitated as I saw him walking, however, to remember the smell of food coming from his house, I began to follow him as soon as I could. A rather strong breeze blew, taking off his hood, revealing pointed ears that I knew well. I soon understood the reason why he called me "human".
- You're an elf, right?
- Half of me is elf. The other half comes from my father, who was vampire.
- I've never seen a combination like this before.
- And since when you have contact with elves?
- Since when I was a child.
 He looked at me quickly.
- The most common types born of humans and elves relationship. Fortunately I am the only one who had a different destination.
- Why do you say "fortunately"?
- For those who are half human are destinated to suffering for the rest of life. They are hated by humans and rejected by the elves, as they are considered weak. I, on the other hand, are seen and treated as a full elf, for good or bad my two halves are mystical.
 He did not say anything after that. Just opened the door and let me in.
- You can wait here, but try not to touch anything.
 There was a bookcase that stretched across the wall with a plethora of books on various subjects, however, mostly it consisted of books of magic and alchemy.
 Soon, he appeared with a plate containing pieces of roasted meat and soup. While I ate, he just walked from one side to the other in the house, seeming to search for something.
- I just realized I do not know your name. Mine is Sorenna.
- And for what reason my name matter?
- If I do not know your name, as I will call you?
- My name is Rathal.
 He came up with some folded clothes and a pair of boots in my direction, looking critically at my pajamas.
- I think you will need that.
 I went to a room where he was appointed and, to my surprise, it was the perfect size. The suit was brown and green made of cotton and brown boots made of leather. I did not know why he had women's clothes at home, but they were very useful now.
 When I left the room, Rathal took my pajamas and threw it away.
- Why did you do it?
- You're already with other clothes, right? You do not need it, unless you want to die. Your human smell can not be camouflaged completely nor with an outfit from my mother. Anyway, you'll be sure to find the way back to your home.
 He gave me a map, but it did not help me much, since I'm bad guiding me with things like that. Anyway, I thanked and again walked back to the edge of the river, looking at the map and trying to find my way back to home.
 As retraced the path by which I followed before, I saw something on the ground almost in the same place where I woke up. It was my storybook, which was open at any page. When I bend down to pick it up, I saw the picture that was in one of the pages looked like Rathal that somehow that left me puzzled. I closed it and walked on to wherever it was.