Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, June 5, 2016


- Finally two yeats passed for the truce. What do you have to say?
- Here are all the proof that my soldiers did not invade any square millimeter of the Southern Union base.
 The president of the Continental Council observed everything with caution and care, consulting every detail to ensure the veracity of the documents. In fact, no soldier crossed the border.
- Yes, they invaded.
 The envelope of the Southern Union slid across the table to the hands of the Chairman. There were pictures of a soldier of the Western Alliance with enemy weapons warehouse at all angles. The Chancellor could not believe it. He knew all his soldiers and none looked like that boy. No, in fact he seemed to know that kid, but could not remember where. Yes, he belonged to the Western Alliance, undoubtedly.
- How did you get the uniform of my army? This is all a scam! I have no soldier with these characteristics.
- Chancellor, unfortunately all images show a soldier modifying the weapons from the warehouse of Southern Union.
- I refuse to accept it! He stole one of the uniforms of my army! How do we know when they took these pictures?
- It's not good to lie, Chancellor. - The president of the Union countered - The facts are there.
- That's a lie. You are nothing but a worm that faked it all. Everything indicates that you could use your soldier in the uniform of one of my soldiers killed during the war.
- But the boy is genuinely from the Alliance. What do you have to say about it?
- Yes, the boy is from the Alliance, but is not a soldier!
- So you have a lousy surveillance control to know who enters or leaves your military base using army clothes.
- I demand to see the safety record of your warehouse.
- You can not demand anything. Accept your guilt with New America and we will get it over.
 The Chancellor growled angrily. All this was a lie, and the president of the Union knew it too. However, the Council did not know and everything was masked.
- Yes, we can demand. I want the recording of your security system.
- I am not obliged to give any of it. Regardless of the decision of the Council, I will continue this war!
- Mr President, you have no reason to continue this war.
- While he did not admit his betrayal the war will continue.
 The President of the Council could not deny. They had not in fact come into full agreement, so the war was allowed.
- Come. We'll see in the end who is lying here.