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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

▪▫▪▫⊰ Almost d-i-e-d >.< ⊱▪▫▪▫

 Adm: *walks back to the blog*
 Sesshoumaru: Hey, human.
Adm:  AAAAHHHH!!! *runs and bows before Sesshoumaru*
Sesshoumaru: Where have you been all this time?
Adm:  W-well... *looks at him, and he's really mad* AAAHH, I am sorry, my lord, the university was killing all my time and the inspiration betrayed me, then...
Sesshoumaru: Silence. And about your vacations? You simply abandoned all here without say any word.
Adm: I...
Sesshoumaru: *use the sword*
Adm:  Uh? *looks around and for my own body, scared* Am I still alive?
Sesshoumaru:  I used Tenseiga to make this blog alive again. Do not dare to disappoint me again, otherwise I will kill you *smiles and walk away*
Adm: AAAAHHH! *bows a thousand times* T-thank you very much, my lord, thank you, thank you!
Sesshoumaru:  Humans...
Adm:: *sighs and tremble* What a creepy smile...