Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, June 4, 2016


 A year has passed since the date of the truce.
- Mr President, we must begin to gather the evidence.
- That's right. Do not worry, I have everything in mind. - He gave the same smile of that day - that Chancellor will pay dearly for the arrogance of wanting to get rid of me. Because of him we are weak in armaments. Call the driver, I go to the military base that is installed on the border of Western Alliance.
- Yes sir.

 The soldiers were surprised the President's appearance in person at the base, but said nothing. Axel did not know exactly who the man was, but the Marshal seemed surprised and at the same time glad to see him.
- Mr President, what happens for we receive your honorable visit?
- I heard you got a valuable piece in our army.
- Yes. Axel Oreans.
 The President approached the boy, whose expression was the same.
- I'm sorry for the way your father was treated on their side. If I can try to do something for you.
- Just let me kill them, sir. I want to bring my sister here before they do something.
- I understand your concern, but we still have a year ahead. If I may, I would like a favor from you.
- A favor?
- Yes. Your features are legitimately from the Western Alliance and also I received a letter from the Marshal saying your weapons skills are above average, as expected from a member of the West Oreans family. So I need you in our capital to do something for us, nothing else.
- All right, sir.
 The President smiled, satisfied.
- Come on now, we have no time to lose.

 Axel wondered why the President has been looking for him personally because he legitimately be the Western Alliance. He looked out the window and saw that they had already entered the outskirts of the Southern Union.
- It will not take long to get to the official store.
- In the official store?
- Yes. Soon you will become general, so must know all our arsenal. However, we must take measurements of the clothes for you and for this you will need to try some clothes that we have there. I also need you to review our most powerful weapons to know when to use them. Everything will be at your disposal.
 The boy followed him to the entrance of weapons warehouse. It was something big but not as big as the warehouse of the Western Alliance. The President extended a dark blue military uniform for him, Axel knew exactly where that uniform was from.
- How did you get that uniform?
- Another soldier of the Western Alliance came to our side in the middle of the battlefield. However, he was injured and we could not save him in time. Please wear this uniform in order to take measurements of your general uniform.
 He dressed in disgust. Incredibly, the uniform served him perfectly and a twinge of guilt appeared in his heart. He was cheating his father's army, but had his reasons.
- So how do you feel?
- The size is good.
- I'll ask for them to make a uniform exactly with those measures. Before you take it, please, please see our weapons. Feel free to test them and evaluate their performance, then you will be taken back.
 The President left him alone inside the warehouse, with all the weapons at his disposal. They were powerful, but could not approach the enemy's weapons. They needed improvement and that's what he would do.

- Do not let any movement escape. I want to compromise that Chancellor and the whole Parliament in all possible ways.
- Sir, this is going too far.
- Does not matter. I will never forgive them for making all that fuss to have independence. The Western Alliance should never have existed and it was because of them.
 A soldier entered the room with many papers in his hands.
- Here it is Sir.
- Great. - He saw all content of the papers, with a devilish smile playing on his lips. - Take the kid back, I can not wait for this year pass as soon as possible. I want to see how they will justify it.

 Both the Chancellor as the other members of Parliament were upset by having to divert all the attention and efforts because of the Southern Union. Since before independence, that place was the most exploited and had to carry that country by themselves for long. Yes, they knew that the President was not happy with the independence of the Western Alliance, but they are free from the tirany of that man once for all.
- We have enough evidence?
- I believe so. All soldiers are recorded and all the security cameras there is no movement of our soldiers.
- That man is treacherous, we can not hesitate a single moment with him.
- I can not believe we're wasting time with him. All this was completely unnecessary. The luck is that we have sufficient cash to cover all the damage.