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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

xx Once upon a Time

"Once upon a time in a land far away, a warrior elf who fell in love with a human princess. The princess also fell in love with elf and they got married and had a beautiful son.
 And everyone lived happily ever after."

 No, they didn't live happily ever after.
 Ivory knew better than anyone that his story was not happy for so long - if ever there was a happy time -. He never met his mother and did not remember much of his father, since he died when Ivory was a child. There was only one person who had care of him until he becomes a man and her name was Nazca. She was the one who did not mind the fact that he is half-human, but the others condemned him. During the day, he just went out to hunt something to eat and was locked at home until nightfall, when he could get some fresh air.
- You need to take the reins of your life, Ivory. Since when Albion lost you turned into someone else.
- What do you want me to do, Nazca?
- You have completed 150 years and became a man. You need to think what to do going forward. You are a skilled archer and is young, is willing to venture out there and become a warrior like your father.
  Ivory laughed.
- What's the fun?
- Thinking now, it's really strange that you have taken care of me and still be worrying about me and you hate human and I have their blood.
- I did not hate humans to before happen what happened to your father. Just spent hate them after he was dead even though you were in the world and needed him as a child. They are selfish and arrogant, do not understand the feelings of anyone; so I want you be careful about them.
- That's ridiculous, Nazca. I can not walk away from one of my races. I tend to be like them.
- But you're not. Ivory, you were and still warm and gentle as your father. Your half-elf was always stronger than your human half. You are different from them and can become a full elf if you want.
- I do not want to lose what little I have of my mother. I even had a chance to know her, so I want to stay that way.
  Nazca understand the feelings of Ivory as a big sister should do. However, Cyphea brought woes to Albion from when they first met. The betrayal, war, loss, death. All this because of a human who left the child and her husband alone because of her weakness.
  Ivory lay on the grass, looking up at the starry sky. Two stars shone more than the other and he knew very well why. Nazca felt touched by everything that happened in that family, and especially the pain that lived in the blue eyes of Ivory every night when those two stars shone. She thought she saw a tear on his eyes, but he recovered so quickly that she could not be sure.
- Will someday the things change?
- You have potential for that, Ivory. It's all up to you. I'm sure those two stars want to see you drawing your own way.