Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

{XX. The End?

 The sound of bodies being thrown, shattered glass and gunfire could be heard from where they were. They could also hear footsteps from one side to the other along the corridor of several people, as well as the noise of the lift. As Matthew had said they should not get out, it was too hard to know everything that was going on and could not do anything about it.
- What do we do?
Blair pressed firmly the gun that Matthew had given to her.

- You stay here. It's too dangerous outside and for sure no one will find you here. I'll try to help.
Chiara nodded, wincing even more in the corner of the wall while Blair locked the door after leave.

Despite being eroded gradually by Matthew gun, Rido seemed unshakable, especially after seeing all employees transformed walking the streets as if they were zombies following his orders.

- I'm tired of this child's play. I have more important things to do.
Melissa and Dustin invested again, however Rido did not seem concerned about the bruising that was getting. He even seemed to be focused on what was happening on that floor

.- Finally one of the rats decided to appear and play, is not it? Better late than never.
Dustin understood that it was Blair or even Chiara. Before Rido could leave, the man advanced on him, holding him by the throat and throwing him against the wall.

- Once rat,always rat. It seems I'll have to take care of you first.
Two shots simultaneously.

- I told you not to interfere. - Matthew said reproachfully.
- I can not just listen to it all and stay there. Chiara is safe.
- Do not think you can hide her from me.
- Rido pressed the intercom button - find and kill any human who is in this company.
He saw a smile forming on Matthew's face.

- What did you do, your miserable snake?
- Just what you had commanded me. All injections were provided. However, I had their effect disappeared an hour after the application.
Rido growled, forgetting all the others who were in the room and concentrated only in Matthew, who kept the gun pointed at him.

- It does not matter what I planned. I can die in the next moment, but I will take you with me.
The Rido speed was not affected by sores in his body, such that Melissa could not prevent the moment when the two crossed one of the glasses composing the walls and fell quickly, with no chance of survival.

- Matthew!
Melissa could not reach them. The two bodies fell side by side, with no trace of conscience. It was clear that Rido would have survived, but could not say the same thing about the other, whose was human.
Dustin grabbed Blair and also reached the floor where the winged girl was kneeling beside her brother's body.

- He is...
- I do not know. There is no sign of a wound, nor if he's dead.
Rido started to get up, staggering. Blair pointed the gun at him, but Melissa stopped her.

- If someone will kill this bastard. - She let the pulse of the other girl slowly - It will be me.
The claws were ready, but Rido did not seem to mind. He did not even seem to realize what was about to happen, the only thing he did was look at the lifeless body of Matthew on the asphalt.
A deep stab in the chest was the last thing he felt.
Melissa had
her claws covered  with blood  as well as the eyes covered with tears. As she had done it with her own hands, she felt empty. She knelt beside her brother again, without saying a word.
- I can not believe that everything will end this way. - She finally managed to find the words - After so long, so much effort ... It will all end up like this?
- No, it won't.
Matthew was standing with difficulty, getting Dustin support to stand, however, almost lost his balance again to see Rido dead in his own pool of blood.

- I had no choice, Matthew.
- It's all right. At least he managed to redeem himself before it's over.
- Redeeming? He tried to kill you!
- But before that, I saw that old Rido. The one that was still human. He repented and decided to break a part of the his body's bones to save me. "I know I was not the best friend of you," he said, "but I want you to take care of everything for me from now on."
Melissa down the wings, looking for the body of Rido. What happened after that he became what he became? Power, of course. After realizing what was about to happen, it was the only way to redeem himself without appearing weak.

- Dustin!
Chiara came running to embrace her brother.

- Take care for she does not see the body of Rido.
- Body? There's nothing on the ground.
Matthew looked in the direction where it should be the body of Rido. However, the only thing that was there was a small spot of blood and a handful of ashes.

- Matthew, this should happen?
-.No. For more mutations that have been made, the basis of everything is still human. And humans do not turn into ashes.
He approached. There was really nothing that could say that there was a body there, except for the bloodstain. But ... Why were ashes? No mutation would be able to cause a body to become ashes in a few minutes after death. That would indeed be the end? Or just a beginning? Yes, he was sure it was the end, for the words of Rido were clear when he said: "... I want you to take care of everything for me from now on."