Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, May 28, 2016


 However, my worst nightmare was yet to come.
 The streets were deserted, as we advanced the limits of our city more signs of the war appeared. Blood, dust and buildings in ruins. It was like entering a ghost town.
- Wait.
 Axel froze. I followed his gaze and forced a bit my eyes to be able to see two red dressed men.
- We'll have to take another path.
- They want to take you?
- Yes.
 There was nothing where we could hide, so we had no choice but to retreat to take another path.
- It'sthem!
- Do not let them get away!
 Axel shook my hand and had to start running as fast as our legs could carry. It was raining and it was not a point in our favor. However, they were shooting at us and really made mistakes by a few centimeters and we needed to run anyway. My brother held me in his arms and ran even faster the block with them on our heels. The weapons were pointed at us and did not hesitate to shoot.
 I did not see them anymore when we turned the corner, but could still hear them.
- Can you see them?
- No.
 He put me on the floor, panting. We were in a dark, damp alley with some boxes.
- Are you sure about that?
- Yes, they turned in that direction!
 We hid behind the boxes, doing everything possible to them do not to notice us. I heard footsteps and the light of a flashlight.
- Axel ...
- Shh, you'll be fine. Just stay down.
 Axel had a stone in his hands and staring in the lantern light. The soldier walked closer to where we were, but could not overcome the boxes. As soon as they came out of the alley, my brother threw the stone that struck across the street, calling their attention.
- Follow the noise, we can not lose that kid anyway.
 We got up carefully and walked on tiptoe to the exit of the alley. Indeed they had gone to the other side and we take the time to run to the edge of another city. We found a covered place and stayed for there to rest and have more security to keep moving because those soldiers could return at any time. I was cold and curled up next to Axel, who was with his eyes closed.
- We'll be fine, do not worry.
 I snuggled into him and slept for a while.

- Rena, Rena.
 I opened my eyes slowly.
- Let's go. We are out of danger. Most of them must be asleep at this hour.
 I held his hand and we continued our journey as cautiously as possible.
 Finally we were in the nearby town, which was practically uninhabited. The rain washed the blood off the floor, but still left marks. The bodies of dead innocent people were everywhere, along with the soldiers of the enemy and our country were killed. Immediately I thought of my father and looked at Axel; he thought the same thing as me.
- Let's go fast.
 The rain was decreasing as we walked. However, there was nothing except rats walking down the street and some cats that looked at us with their eyes half closed.
 We stopped when we heard sounds of gunfire and a plane cut through the sky. We changed the way and in the end we got a completely devastated area, where all construction had been reduced to ashes. There was more blood than other parts of the city and more dead soldiers. I closed my eyes to not have such still images in my memory, but it was too late.
 Another shot.
 This time, the left hand of Axel was bleeding. I looked around and saw several soldiers dressed in red coming in our direction. This time we had no place to hide and nothing to get lose them. He picked me up again and started running, looking frantically around.
 We stopped at the ruins of a house where my brother put me down and where I felt his embrace. Again I saw him cry, but did not understand the reason.
- I'm so sorry. I can not put you at risk because of me.
 That to me was enough. I started to cry with him, since I wouldn't see him again. Why Axel had to leave me? We could run to safety. However, he seemed hopeless and powerless.
- Please do not cry - he kissed my forehead - you'll see me again, I promise. Take care and look for a safe place with someone who can take care of you. This is not goodbye.
 He turned away from me toward the soldiers, without looking back. The shock and tears prevented me to get up and do something, so all I could do is see my brother being captured and feel completely useless by not being able to do anything for him.