Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, May 20, 2016

{XIV. Wild Eyes

- Finally news ... I've been waiting for a long time to see something like this completely finished.
 Rido's eyes roamed the long capsule, costing to believe that, after so many years and attempts they had accomplished something so perfectly. The boy had his eyes closed, apparently immersed in a deep sleep.
- For a single small moment - Rido looked at Matthew - I thought you would not be able to take this project to the end.
- The past haunts me, but I can live with it.
- Excellent. After all, what would I do without your brilliant mind? No doubt I would be a lonely genius.
 The capsule opened slowly after Rido enter a series of numbers that only he and Matthew knew. Dustin began to open his eyes slowly, but with no apparent sign of consciousness. As the air outside the capsule came into contact with his lungs, the boy began to react. He looked around, making a sweep of everything that was around before leaving where he was.
 The wings were opened for a brief exercise and soon closed. However, it was noticeable that were ruffled, perhaps for their own defense, perhaps to impose fear the man who was there, watching him like a lab rat.
- I think he does not like you.
- That's just a matter of time. - He looked back at the boy - at least I can see that you have made the full service. I do not know why, but my intuition told me that you would not be fully faithful to my instructions.
- It is my duty, right? Also, I did not say I would be totally honest in this case.
- You are improving.
- I have a good teacher.
 Rido ignored him, calmly walking toward Dustin, whose wings were shaking and a growl formed in his throat.
- Calm down, boy. I will not hurt you.
 He looked at Matthew, who nodded, showing confidence in the stranger who was there. So Dustin began to show more friendly, however without losing distrust look in florescent turquoise eyes, which showed also some wild and predatory air.
- You do not know who are you, do you?
 The boy did not say a word. Rido continued.
- Poor boy ... I could leave everything clear to you, from the moment we started to take care of you to the present we are. But for that you need to trust me.
- Say it at once, can not support the way you're talking to me for so long.
- All right then - Rido hid a small smile - Follow me to my room, there I can tell you everything without anyone listen. - He cast a brief look at Matthew.
- As if I did not already know everything.

- Dustin is late...
- He will come soon, do not worry.
 Chiara was impatient around the house. Dustin had not given news of where he was since he had lost consciousness and Blair had called Matthew. Was he still unconscious? She could not know. She looked at the phone hesitantly.

- Do not worry, he's fine. We are still doing the last tests to ensure it does not happen again ... I'm sorry, but you can not talk to him now ... Exactly, we are in the middle of an exam ... I will ask him to contact you so that all is well, please keep calm ... Yes, of course you can trust us, we are taken care of it right now.
 Matthew hung up the phone. Really that girl was a problem, and worst of all: it was his problem. If she appears looking for Dustin certainly Rido would kill him for it. He had to strengthen resistance to the entry of people on the ground before it was too late.