Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, May 27, 2016


I still remember everything. From the beginning to the end.
 At that time I was fourteen and my older brother Axel, eighteen. We were right in the beginning of a war that promised to be the worst and bloodiest of all that humanity has ever seen to date. Our father was serving the air forces and we were alone. We survived for five weeks with what we had at home.
- I hope this ends soon.
 Axel always said that every time we received the newspaper and he saw how the deaths were increasing. I confess that I also thought about it, but my real concern was for my father on the battlefield.
- Axel, is dad okay?
- He's been in many wars before, for sure nothing bad will happen. Come, let's have dinner.
 I followed him to the kitchen when we heard someone knocking on the door urgently. We looked at each other and Axel looked out the window.
- I have a message for the children of Carter Oreans.
  I saw my brother get an letter of messenger hands and close the window.
- It's from dad.
  Dinner did not matter. It was the first time a letter from my father came to us and should certainly be important. We sat on the living room floor and Axel opened the letter quickly, like a bandage. The more he read the contents of the letter, the more my heart quickened.
- What says Axel ?!
 He could not speak. His hands shook.
- Axel? What happened?
 I got no response from him. Axel threw the letter on the floor and stood up quickly, going toward the kitchen. I took the letter and began to read.
"For Axel and Rena,
 I know you must be worried about me, but I ask you not to do that anymore. It's hard for me to say everything I need in a letter, but I have no other way to do it.
 I'm in the center of medical specialties of the army since three days ago. The plane in which I flew was attacked by the enemy and luckily I did not die instantly, but I suffered a severe drilling in the two lungs and there is nothing to do. The doctors gave me four days of life and believe that when you receive this letter I will be dead.
 That's no reason to cry. Axel, being the eldest, I ask you to take care of your sister with your life. From now on the only person she has in the world is you, please do not disappoint her.
  Rena ... My little girl, I want to grow even stronger and make my death a reason for you to fight with even more determination. Axel will be your companion for all the time, always stay with him.
 Finally, I want both of you to overcome this as best together. Throughout the time I was on the battlefield just I thought you two. I'm sorry for leaving you so young and fragile in this cold world. No matter where you are I will always be with you.
 I am proud to have you as my children and this will never change.
Love you.

Carter Oreans ".

 He promised to return. That all would be well and that we would be together again. My tears were wetting the letter and soon a lump formed in my throat. It was extremely difficult to live without our mother, and now even more so without our father. What would we do? How would we survive?
 Axel. How should he be? I got up and went to the kitchen.
 I never thought I would see my brother, always steadfast as a rock, like that: he was with clenched fists on the sink and the tears were streaming down his face. Judging by his expression, the battle against the cry had been lost long ago. In a way I understand his pain, because now all the responsibilities have a new owner.
 I approached subtly and hugged him. Axel was quick to respond to my embrace, which made him cry even more. Suddenly nothing else mattered, it was as if our world had come crashing down and we were finished - when in reality we were - completely lost.
 I have no idea how long we like that, but I suppose it was for several hours as it was when I woke up in my bed and I could hear the footsteps of my brother in the house.
- You are awake.
 He seemed stronger than before, as the expression of that sad and lost boy completely disappeared, giving way to a determined and responsible man. However, I could not get over it so easily, or at least hide it as he was doing.
 The breakfast was on the table waiting for me. While I ate, Axel walked through the house checking locks and more locks. Put locks on the windows and covered all the furniture, to protect them from dust. When you finish there, we'll get out of here. That's what he said.
- Where are we going?
- I do not know. But we can not stay here while this war is underway.
- And why not?
- Because we are going around many attacks and we can not take the risk. We must get out of here as soon as possible.
 Something was strange. I knew Axel well enough to know that there were other reasons why he wanted to leave there and had nothing to do with attacks.
- Axel, what's going on? You never lie
- Do you think I'm lying?
- This is stamped on your face.
 He was reluctant to admit it, but would not budge. We were brothers, we should not have secrets.
 A sigh.
- Okay, okay. Shortly after I have put you in bed, I saw a letter under the door. - He showed a red paper - Before you ask, the letter was for me and it's not something really good.
- What is wrong? Axel, you started talking and has to end.
- They know our father is dead and are chasing me. I can not stay here with you and risk everything.
 I nodded. That was the reason for the change in his expression. Anyway, he was right. I finished my breakfast quickly and followed him out the door. He locked the door and buried the key next to the gate. I held his hand and proceeded to where our feet take us.