Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

{XVI. Pain

 Chiara could not realize what was about to happen. Not even she could believe the fact that Dustin was that way. However, she promised to take care of the girl anyway.
 Blair had time to push the girl to the side, causing her to fall back, petrified, trembling to see drops of blood staining the white floor of the company. However, the blood was not of Chiara herself , but that who protected her.
- Dustin ... What happened?
 No answer. The boy just stared at the blood that dripped from Blair's arm. It was nothing serious. He looked at his sister, who stood petrified in the ground like a statue.
- What did you do with him?
 Blair did not care about the cut that was on her arm, but with Dustin. It was not natural. He would never try to do something bad to someone, especially if that person was his sister, one for which he sacrificed everything so far. His eyes were not that color before and the only person who might know something was Matthew, who looked at her with amusement.
- I just did what was ordered. Nothing more, nothing less.
- This is an absurd! Dustin never acted this way until I called you.
- People change, girl. Who knows he got tired of all this? Maybe he feels enslaved by you two? After all, he loses his humanity while you stay at home just using the money that should be his.
- That's a lie! A complete lie!
- Get out of here, Blair. And take Chiara with you before I finish what I started. - He looked away to the wound on the girl's arm.
 She was surprised to hear Dustin say something of that sort. However, his expression was clear and resolute, with no sign of doubt.
- I hope you know what you're doing, Dustin. - The girl held Chiara's hand - We will be waiting for you at home.
 The boy watched the two leave without saying a word, expressing any feelings. He looked at the blood on the floor and looked at Matthew, reading his mind and returning to the elevator.

 Through the hidden cameras throughout the company, nothing escaped. Everything that happened in the main lobby was like a show and a definitive answer to the effects of the company's latest research.
 A knock on the door caught his attention.
- Enter.
 It was Dustin, as expected.
- How can I help you, my boy? Some problem?
- I thought a little - the boy began, making Rido notice a subtle stab of pain in his voice - and I decided to accept your offer.
- This is really great news. I'm glad you thought of you and not those humans. However, know this: once committed to this, I will not allow you to change your mind later.
- I will not change my mind, do not worry.
- Excellent. - Rido pressed an intercom button - Matthew, come here for a moment.
 Matthew walked through the door seconds later.
- Prepare all that was described in the protocol.
- Then there was a deal, anyway?
- Yes. We can not waste time, I waited for this for too long. - He glanced at Dustin thoughtfully - Wait a minute, Matthew.
 The other went back into the room, closing the door behind him.
- First of all, I would like to test something.
- And what would it be?
- I want to see how human this kid is still.
 Matthew could read Rido intentions just by looking.
- If that's what you want ...
- Yes. And I'll follow you.
 Matthew struggled to hide an expression unhappy and suspicious at the same time.
- I want to see with my own eyes what kind of feelings take him.
- It's all right. When you want.

- He promised not to turn into a monster like those, Blair.
- And he will not. I'm sure he will get better.
 Chiara closed her eyes. Blair hoped Dustin recovered as soon as possible, since she also missed him. She closed the girl's bedroom door and returned to the living room, determined to wait for him even if she needed to stay awake all night.
 It did not take long for the front door open gently and Dustin appear.
- I was sure you would come.
 He did not answer. Not even looked directly at her, but for the entire length of the room.
- What happened, Dustin? You still do not look good.
 Matthew and Rido entered then.
- What are you doing here? Matthew, who is this man?
- If I were you I would be more careful with what you say, girl.
 Blair stared at him. That fox face ... She remembered that Dustin had spoken about it before but could not remember exactly.
- Dustin, please.
 It appeared to function as a command to him. The girl had no time to react, since when he realized he was stuck in the wall by Dustin, who held her by the throat firmly without offering opportunities for her to let go.
- You promised to Chiara that you would not turn yourself into a monster.
- I do not remember having promised anything to anyone.
 His hand began to shake her neck slowly, taking her breath and making the struggle to try to drop. It was an effort in vain.
  Rido was surprised to see Blair's body falling to the ground like a rag doll. On her neck were the marks of Dustin fingers, undeniable proof that the girl was dead. The boy then ran up the stairs and then walking to the room Chiara, who was sleeping peacefully and did not hear absolutely nothing of what happened in the living room. This time he did not need much effort.
- I must admit I'm surprised. I thought you would hesitate.
- I have no reason to hesitate.
- Very well. Matthew, care of the body and be sure that no one will discover them.
- Yes.