Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

{XV. Blind Mind

 No one answered the phone.
- Chiara, come on. We can not depend on them to have news of Dustin.
- But ...
- Your brother may be in serious trouble. As much as time has passed, I still can not trust them.

 This conversation was taking too long. What kind of things Rido was saying? Why they had not come out of there? Blair was calling insistently, and that was not, in any way, a good sign. All the ground floor and reception were fully instructed not to let the girl enter the company, but he felt it was not enough. The best thing to do would be to increase the recommendations and monitoring.

- Do you understand where I'm going, boy? There's nothing for you in this world. The only people left let you lose your humanity to raise money. Dustin Gates, you are a being like me. We are superior to humans and can shape it in our own way, just if you decide to cooperate with me.
 Dustin remained hesitant. Would be true the fact of having been abandoned by people who were close to him? On second thought, if it was a lie he would not be there at that time.
- We are alone, boy. If you do not join together to do something, we will be condemned by the human race. They will never accept us because we are different and we can do things they try to do early; we would be called monsters, we will be hunted till our death and even stuffed as study sample. We can not afford it. - Rido looked seriously at the boy's eyes - I know we were human someday, but all this must be left behind. We became what we are now to clear the world once and for all; we bring peace with our own hands. They dominated for too long.
- We are only two, Rido. We can not do anything.
- Yes we can. - Rido gave a predatory smile - I've got it all planned out, and I just need your answer so that everything can be put in place as soon as possible. Remember your suffering in war to get back home alive and look at the mirror, reflect: you ran imminent risks to protect them and now look how they are giving back, especially those you love.

 She was,watching the indifference and neglect in which she was treated. The receptionist and the security did not let her any way to try to find Dustin.
- I need to go!
- I'm sorry, miss. There is no authorization to tell you two can join. Please go away.
- No! I'm not leaving here! Call Matthew right now!
 Matthew froze when he heard his name being uttered by that voice. Actually she had come and along with the sister of Dustin. He closed his eyes and sighed before resuming the journey to the elevator, pretending he was looking for something in the lab coat pocket.
- Matthew! Matthew!
- Miss Blair. Didn't I say to wait for the call at home? It was not necessary to have bothered to come here. He can not receive any visits.
- How is he? Matthew, please.
- He's fine, we are taking care of the last details. Even I myself am care of it and must return as soon as possible.
- Something is wrong here.
- It's only your thoughts. If you ask me, you act like his mother. - Matthew approached his face - and that's not good for a girl at your age. You will soon have premature aging to continue.
 Blair stood still, not knowing what to say. It was her impression, something was wrong there and that was the only sure she had. The security blocked her passage to reach Matthew, who was away from her.
  The girl saw the elevator reaching the ground and a person coming out of it.
- Dustin! Dustin!
 The security could not hold Chiara, who kept running toward her brother. Matthew motioned to allow the passage of Blair.
 Upon hearing his name, Dustin looked at Chiara indifferently, trying to remember her. Yes, Rido had shown a picture of her for him. Was his younger sister. Then he looked at the other girl who was just behind. She was his childhood friend. Blair.
- Dustin, what happened?
 Chiara shook hands in front of his face, but got no response. Matthew had realized that something was not right and that the conversation with Rido was the cause of it.
 Blair noticed something wrong in Dustin's eyes and immediately looked at Matthew, whose expression said clearly that something bad was going to happen. A dark look took Dustin and his hands trembled. The teeth started to get sample with a possible snarl that formed in his throat.