Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 The house of that soldier looked like my somewhat, but it was really far from becoming a home for me. However, good or bad I would have to adapt to what was going to find my brother again.
- I'm sorry I did not introduce myself before. - He broke the silence - My name is Paul Collins. Do not be afraid of me.
- I'm not afraid. I just want to see my brother again.
- Sooner or later you'll find him. No need to worry about it.
- You do not understand.
- Yes I understand. My father was captain of the naval force and died an enemy attack and my younger brother was completely torn apart when he tried to save an innocent civilian. Since then I am alone, just like you.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right. If you must know, I know something that can help you find your brother.
 He could not have told me anything better this time round. From there I started to pay more attention to all he spoke.
- If he was taken by the army of the Southern Union the only way you see him again and try to save him is becoming captain and joining the army.
- There is no other way?
- I'm sorry, but no.
- I'll do anything to save him. I did nothing for him, Axel is stuck there for me.
- You put your own life at risk in this war?
- Yes. But how do you know that the war will continue?
- I have long experience. In addition, such an issue can not be solved with conversations. As much as I want them to understand, I know this will not happen. We have no time to lose from now.

 I know, what was a fourteen year old girl doing in a war? However, my brother was a priority in my life, regardless of my age. If Paul, my adoptive father was willing to help me, it meant that I was to move forward with it.

 New government news arrived and said it would extend beyond the expected. Trading would take over a year to happen, since they were gathering information and other things related to such a Council that I did not understand in fact. That was a relief, because even though I tried, it was difficult for me to become what Paul wanted me to become. My thoughts were completely turned to my father and my brother, because I had not yet overcome it.
 I tried various stupid things to forget it. For a whole year I did not dare to train as it should therefore only focused on me forget everything. One year, you ask? Yes, one year. Really negotiations were taking longer than expected. A whole year of training thrown away.
 Collins did not know what to do with me. I tried to change my name, painting my hair to not see Axel image in the mirror every time I looked at me. I tried even hit my head hard somewhere to try to have amnesia. Some days I did not want to get out of bed in the other I wanted to disappear. I wanted to take my own life because I felt useless.
 My little girl, I want you to grow even stronger and make my death a reason for you to fight with even more determination.
 I remembered my father's words. What I was doing was just dishonoring his last request.
This is not goodbye.
 That's what Axel told me before leaving. What was I doing? While he was trying to be strong to try to find me I was there, crying and acting like a child spoiled did not want to suffer. But no human can escape from suffering, however small it may be. It was then that I should take all my strength and courage to train, after all had already completed fifteen and lost of life. Now I turned sixteen and had some notion of the world.
 Paul knocked on the door of my room.
- I feel bad for not being able to do anything for you. If I could redeem your brother.
- I should feel bad for making you worry about me. I can not escape what is in front of me. Axel must be wondering what to do and I should think the same thing.
- Are you willing to train going forward?
- Yes. This time it's for real.
 After a year can see Paul smiling. I think my father should also be smiling for my answer.