Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

{XIX. Just another war

 Rido rose with a jump. Would it be that same girl he saw turning into a monster? He looked intently, and more that were true, it was impossible to believe. She no longer looked like a woman with the mentality of a child, but someone who weighed and acted according to her age and how the experience he wanted her to be: the two wings were there, the sharp nails and sample placed, the wounds healed with the speed. It was a new version of what Dustin was just as Matthew and he had planned for so long.
- What happened? The cat ate your tongue? Or you did not remember the monstrous fault you always despised?
- It's impossible. Matthew tried to cure you all these years and never succeeded.
- That was because I needed the DNA sample from someone who had been completely transformed successfully.
Matthew entered quietly, walking toward Melissa and Dustin, without taking his eyes from Rido by any second.

- However, it must also be compatible.
- And they were. Luckily I managed to do it without arousing suspicion and now I have my sister back. - He took the badge that was stuck in the lab coat and threw it toward Rido - So do not need more to keep me stuck to you.
- You are nothing but a mere traitor ... And to think I trusted you.
- I also trusted you, until something happens to make you become blind and obsessive. We planned to improve the human specie, but now everything has changed. I do not joined this Rido I'm seeing now, but the one I met at the university and was still human.
- It's ok. If this is your opinion, I can not do anything about it. But I must say I am very sorry for it.
Dustin nodded to Melissa, that being faster managed to advance on Rido before he could reach Matthew. The knife that was in his hand was away so that was thrown on the floor. The hands of the girl were firm and squeezed his neck mercilessly

.- I will not let you put your dirty hands in Matthew.
- How much loyalty to those who treated you as a guinea pig.
- Are these your last words?
- Mine? No way.
The glass was shattered one of the capsules when Melissa was thrown into the air. Matthew ran among the pieces of glass and knelt beside her.

- Are you alright?
The cuts were healing slowly.

- I will not stop until I myself did not kill that bastard. - She prepared the claws.
- I had almost forgotten about you, boy. - Rido was taking off the knife in the left arm that Dustin had shot. - However, you should know that pathetic objects like this do not affect being modified as we ... - He stepped forward, hitting the boy's face with a punch - but I admire your attempt.
 Dustin stumbled, but managed to turn on his heel and hold Rido when  received Melissa thoughts, coming at full speed at the ready claws. Rido kicked the girl away and threw Dustin against another capsule, which also broke into several pieces.
Only one thing could make him feel pain so that he could not regenerate.

- What did you think of it, Rido?
- You really surprise me.
Matthew had drawn one
pistol from the coat pocket. However, it was not an ordinary gun: was loaded with ammunition made from paraffin containing fluoroantimonic acid diluted, which could burn the skin and at the same time eroding the bones.
- I do not know how you could have as much time to do this, Matthew ... But I know that you will not have the pleasure of firing again against me.