Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

{XVIII. “Did you miss me, Rido?”

- And to think that you would believe it so easily ...
- But of course! How could we know that?
- Now just stay where you are. And I repeat: do not meddle in any form without prior authorization.
- It's ok.
He looked for a person who was on his side.

- Let's go. Before things get ugly up there.

Rido expected Dustin exit the capsule.

- Note well, boy. This will be the last image that you have of this country before we end it once and for all. We will soon have company and we will be unbeatable.
- I think so.
- I admire your determination to have chosen to kill the two people still liked you to join me.
- It was not a big deal. I thank Matthew for having the worst part of the job for me.
- This is his work.
Rido did not understand where it came from so much gratitude for the shape of Matthew. Something in Dustin's voice was also different from what he was accustomed to hearing. It was as if the boy had taken a sudden awareness of injection.

- It is not just his job. He might well have done just what he needed, but he decided to do more.
- What are you talking about? Do not tell me you regretted?
- No, I didn't regret. And I must say that was close.
The other frowned, digesting the words of the boy gradually until finally understand what was happening. He laughed for a moment, trying to avoid asking a question like that, however, it was inevitable.

- You didn't kill them, right?
- I am happy for do not have to explain.
Rido grabbed the boy by the collar.- You should be more careful with your jokes, kid. I'm not stupid like all those humans.- And yet you seemed completely convinced.
Dustin was thrown against the wall with force and speed that he could not believe. Matthew was not kidding when he said that Rido really had modified himself. No human being would be able to have such strength in only one arm.

- You still have time to do what I ordered. Otherwise, though it may be a big waste, but you will be the first to be eliminated.
- It's a pity you think so. Up to five minutes ago I was indispensable to you, is not it?
- You were, before to show yourself which side is. In addition, Matthew will keep you company in the afterlife. That bastard traitor ...
Rido seemed upset to some extent with what Matthew did, and Dustin could see it very well. However, soon that expression faded completely. He walked with slow steps toward the boy.

- I really regret losing two pieces so valuable in one day, but I do not tolerate traitors.
Something through the window and reaches Laughed like a missile, knocking him to the floor with a resounding thud. It was a woman with red hair and two black wings on her back. The eyes that looked exactly the Matthew, stared at the body on the floor, waiting with eternal patience he regained consciousness.

- Did you miss me, Rido?