Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, May 29, 2016


 For a long time I was in the rain, mourning the loss of two people so important and they were taken from me once. What would I do from now on? I thought of returning home, once I knew where the keys were. At least I would be safe and in one place I knew. There was still some food and could turn around for a few days. And the other day? I did not know. I not even want to think about it now.
 As I was getting up, I heard the noise of a car and urgent steps around. I reached down to not be seen and then saw the dark blue clothes of the Western Alliance, my country. Still I did not know what could happen and kept me hidden. All the people there were killed for this reason they would not take to leave.
 However I was wrong. One of the men who were nearby saw me and approached slowly, realizing that I was scared. As he got closer, I saw your brown skin shining with sweat of battle, his green eyes and brown hair. He seemed to be 30 and transmitted certain gentleness and tenderness.
- Are you alright? Why are you here? This is not a place for a little girl like you.
 I could not answer. Every time I thought about how I'd gotten there, the image of Axel being taken filled my mind and tears began to flow.
- My brother ... Axel ... He's gone.
 He put his hands on my shoulders.
- I'm really sorry for you. Come on, you can not stay here.
 I got up reluctantly and followed him, with blurred vision because of tears. He helped me into the car and no army soldier seemed to care about me than the one who helped me. Silence hung in the air along with the smell of sweat, blood and dust that were in their uniforms.
 I followed all the way of the military car that took me further away from my house to get to a headquarters. The car door opened and the soldiers went down, however, the man was at the door waiting for me to help me.
- Do not go away from me.
 That's what he said as we walked toward a gray-haired man and too harsh appearance. Immediately he looked at me and at the soldier who saved me.
- She was lost in the rubble.
 The gray-haired man frowned at me.
- What if she's a spy?
- What? - I covered my mouth with my hands, but it was too late. They both looked at me and I was forced to continue - I'm here because ... - I had to hold back tears, but could not - Because of my brother, Axel. He ... He gone ... And my father too.
- Your father?
 I nodded, wiping away tears.
- Who is your father?
- Carter Oreans.
 The men looked at each other, shocked.
- Are you Rena Oreans?
- Yes.
 They showed more interest.
- What happened to your brother?
- He was taken by the red dressed soldiers.
 After that they did not ask me anything. The only thing they were debating was what they were going to do to me, since I could not stay at the military base of them.
- I take care of her.
- But we need you in the war.
- I...
  They were interrupted by another blond soldier who carried a paper in hands.
- Excuse me sir. I have news of Parliament.
- What is?
- They and the Southern Union entered a period of truce indefinitely, as they are also with few soldiers. They do not know how long this negotiation can last, since involve everyone. This can take days or years, no one knows. For now we are all exempt until new instructions from Parliament.
- Understood. Tell everyone that are not required until the next government orders. - He looked at the soldier who saved me - It seems that you can take care of her for now. Cheer for this negotiation delay to the fullest.
- I'm hoping to take a peaceful negotiation and it all ends as soon as possible. Anyway, I think it will take a long time to resolve this issue as it is a delicate matter. - He looked at me - Come on, let's go home.
 No matter what he meant by home. As much as I tried, I could not stop thinking about my real home, where Axel and I should never have left.