Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, May 30, 2016


- I hope you feel well here, as you can no longer escape. Wait a minute, our Marechal want to talk to you.
 Axel was pushed into the military base. After he had left Rena, none of the injuries that caused the soldiers meant something. The others who passed by did not seem to care about him.
- I cannot believe what they are doing.
- They do not come anywhere this way. Once started the war, this truce will be for nothing.
 The boy began to pay more attention to the conversation of discretely soldiers. A truce? If it was this way, he could escape to find Rena, which should certainly be trying to return home.
- And worst of all - the soldier continued - is that there is no set time for this negotiation.
 One of them snorted.
- As it is it will not end anytime soon. They should accept that there is not treated for it.
- For me this is just a blame game. The Western Alliance has full participation of that, there is nothing to talk about.
- Exactly. The New America has admitted he tried to sabotage all our armaments industries, but certainly they could not have done it alone.
- You're right. The Western Alliance is a reference as to the knowledge of weapons and they would be relatively easy to sabotage all our arsenal.
- The problem is the East Asia. It protects the Western Alliance under all consequences.
- Do you think they are involved?
- No, they would not need to do this because they have stability. However, the business partnership of theselooks really important.
 Axel was not really understand what it all meant. Anyway, the only thing that mattered was to find Rena.
- It's not nice to hear the conversation of others, boy.
 He froze in place to hear the voice of the marshal.
- Come with me.
 With no other option, the boy followed him quietly and without looking around. Once reached a similar to an office place, The Marshal motioned for Axel entered and then closed the door.
- I'm sorry for the way in which my soldiers treated you, but what we want in fact is that you act with us as general.
- What? I do not serve this country.
- I know. But you should not live in a country like that. They see their soldiers as mere toys of war and not as people, the death of your father is proof of that.
 Axel hung his head.
- So - Marshal continued - we are calling you here. I do not want to force anything, but there is something you need to know and do not want you to think that what I say is a lie. - He took an some papers from the drawer - Your father's injury could be healed. They did not do it by mere carelessness.
 The boy did not know what to believe. Realizing this, the marshal handed him the papers, which contained Carter Oreans' copies of the exams . It was not necessary medical training to see the exams there was a way to save him.
 The bitterness took Axel. They lied and left his father to die that way. Every time he remembered the letter and as Rena and he suffered, the anger grew rampant way as to leave him blind.
- I'll give you time to think.
- No, it's not accurate.
 The Marshal waited patiently.
- I'll join you.
- That's very good, but are you sure of that?
- Yes. Even because you will not liberate me, right?
- That's right. Whether or not you'd be stuck here. But now with your decision things can change a bit. As we have an indefinite truce ahead, feel free to stay here, since your home is far and you need training.
- What about my sister?
- Soldiers of the Western Alliance found her in the rubble.
 At least she would be safe for a while. That's what Axel thought.