Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 27, 2015

{ III. Stardust Company

  Many papers were carried by the wind, but Dustin was not worried about it. The only thing he wanted was a solution so they could get out of there as soon as possible.
  Not far away, the boy saw a shadow by putting a paper in one of the posts that were there. Before he could approach that person, it had gone as quickly as it had appeared. However, the paper was still there. "Company Stardust" was what was written on the paper, which was saying that the company needed volunteers for a biological test session and would be paid each time they were called. Was that the solution to their problems? Dustin would have no way of knowing if trying not. He picked up the phone and called Blair.
- Dustin, where are you?
- I will take a little longer to return home. I think I found the solution to our problems.
- What you did you get?
- After we will talk, I promise. Be careful until I get back.
  He immediately called the phone number that was in the paper.
- Company Stardust, how can I help you?
- I am interested in knowing about the biological tests.
- Yes, sir Dustin. You could come to our company?
- Unfortunately not. I live far from the capital and have no money to go.
- I understand. I think Matthew is in your town, get in touch with him to find you. Please do not leave where you are.
- How do you...
  The operator hung up before Dustin could make an important question: how did she know where he was? And how did she know his name?
- Sir. Dustin?
- How do you know my name?
- The operator who spoke with you called me. My name is Matthew Oreans.
  Matthew was a tall man with copper-colored hair with blue and honey eyes wearing a black two-piece suit. He should not be older than Dustin.
- Lets go to what matters. If you agree to cooperate with us, we will give you a sum of two thousand euros each time we need you. If you have family, then you will be transferred to the capital, where we work.
- What are the risks?
- We are a biological improvement company, then we will use you and other volunteers for experiments. Thus, the more risk you can take is the death, as we will make changes in your DNA and your long-term anatomy. If you die we will pay compensation to your family and they will not receive any more. Anything that may happen to them shall have no responsibility.
  Dustin meditated on the subject, without saying a word.
- We have your records during the war. I would not worry about the fact die before their time. Take tonight to think and meet me tomorrow at this same place at three in the afternoon so I can take you to our company.
  Matthew walked to a black car that was parked and took his leave with a nod. Would it be a good idea to close a deal like that?