Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

║☓ Twenty Seventh Bloody Rose

- Valentine, I have no time to waste with you now.
- Yes you have. Your sister is with them, I'm sure they can work it out by themselves at all until you get. That is, if you can get to them.
  Blake growled. Why are things were being so hard for them? He promised to take the legacy of Richard and could not fail now with everyone. Especially with Achila, which should be in trouble at such an hour.

- He will not make it, Achila. We need to do this alone.
- What do we do then?
- I do not know ... But you need to rest.
- I will not rest while you are here. I'm staying in this war to the end, even if I end up dead.
- That's crazy. Your body is not strong enough to keep this war any longer.
- We should let the soldiers resting. I take care of them.
- You will not take care of everything alone.
- The soldiers are more important than my fatigue. I can still fight.
  Liam hesitated, bcause of the insistence of Achila he ordered the soldiers to rest on the inside as he, Michaelis and Roland helped the girl to contain the invasion.

- You still think you can win in these conditions? Accept the fact that all your promises will not be realized!
  Blake had not opotunity to attack because of the speed and aggressiveness of Valentine. Kneeling on the floor, he did not know what direction should take. Should he give up and be killed? Should surrender? No, he could not let them down. As a leader, he would have to find a way to turn things around. For Richard.For  Achila. For all those who were fighting for him now. For himself. Yes, so far it has been moving for others, but what about himself? Blake wanted to live and win. He wanted to show himself that he did not need help, he could take care of everything by himself.
  Valentine stopped attacking. That energy. Yes, that boy was finally ready to take the true shape him as a vampire. He was getting up slowly while the changes took place. His blue eyes were disappearing and becoming gray, thinning remnant of the human past into him. Now would be the same.
- This war is going to end now.
- Finally I will have the chance to challenge your true form.
  The ferocity of Blake increased, making it equivalent to Valentine. Both went from one side to the other crossing blades with incredible speed. The boy forced the spear against the sword as hard as he could.
  Valentine smiled. It was exactly that strength he had been waiting all this time. He did not care to see his sword being cracked, the only thing that mattered at that moment was to test the limits of the boy.
  The archer's sword broke, along with the launches of the boy.
- I'm proud of your strength. I'm sure Richard would also be to leave his clan in such good hands.
- What is going on?
  Valentine took a folded paper from inside his jacket and handed it to Blake.
  You're the only person I can trust this favor. What I will ask you now not even Liam knows or can do. Even in an opposite side to ours, I ask you to test the limits of my youngest general after my death. If he prove able to take care of everything, divide the conquered lands with him, otherwise, you have my full consent to kill him. I know that together you can govern and improve the situation of our whole race. I know you still hold a grudge this old father for not taking care of you as you needed, but I believe in your insight and your judgement.
  I am proud to entrust it to you.

Richard Grey. "
- Is this a joke?
- Of course not.
- Then why did you kill your own father?
- I was still at war with him. Even Richard being my father I could not save him. During this whole time I've been really serious with respect to kill everyone and rule all the lands of the domain, including you. I really would not hesitate to kill you.
  Blake swallowed. He knew that Valentine was not kidding.
- I have to go back. Achila needs me.
- I imagine that half of my army is dead at this hour.

- Lower your weapons!
 The Valentine soldiers bowed as soon as they saw him.
- Blake!
 Achila ran toward him with the gun pointed at Valentine.
- Achila, it's okay. Valentine will not do anything.
- What is going on?
  Liam approached Valentine and gave the letter, so they could read.
- So we end up with this war?
- Yes. We'll share the land equally and work together. Starting today, we are in charge of building a new era for our race.
- I Never thought I'd see Blake assuming leadership someday.
- While we're all together I will do this untill the end.