Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

{ It has Begun

 After the carnage of war, almost nothing remains in the city where Dustin Gates lived with his family. It happened about three months, when the whole world was involved in a war to decide who would have the most advanced technology for that generation.  He was able to return to home save after being a soldier, but did not find his family the same way: his parents were dead and his younger sister, Chiara, eleven, was not at home. The house was completely destroyed, only room still had some way because of the bombs and air attacks on innocent civilians.
- Chiara! Chiara! 
 The fatigue did not mean anything to him. The only thing that mattered was to find the girl who he vowed to protect at all costs. Dustin had no idea where to look for her, but could not give up.
- Dustin! 
  Two people waved to him not far away. The boy ran to listen to the voice of his sister, who ran to meet him for a hug. So fit into the tight embrace of her brother, Chiara began to shake and cry, something that did not dare to do in front of anyone else. He knelt and comforted the girl as best she could, but the reality was that even he was convinced of what he said. They were alone and would have to support themselves, but how they do this? It was clear that the country was in crisis and who did not have a job really have problems for a long time. The little money that remained could make them survive for a month, nothing more and nothing less, though he could not falter, not knowing Ithat he had a duty to take care of Chiara going forward.
- Dustin, you are not alone.
  Blair was there, reading his thoughts as she always did since they were children. Even with her help, he would have to take care of things alone and could no longer rely on anyone. After serving in the army, he came back a different person, determined to take on the responsibilities that come.
- Things are tough for all of us, Blair. I do not want you involved in this.
- I do not have anyone, Dustin. You know very well that my father died while serving in the war and now I have no one else. My house did not suffer much damage until things return to normal we can work something out with what we have. The money I have can help us for two months.
- I have to contribute another month.
- We will have three months to work it out on things. We are all helpless from now. The only solution is to grow all like family to our survival and, above all, for the good of Chiara.