Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 5, 2015

║☓ Twenty Third Bloody Rose

- Blake! Blake!
  The boy knelt on the ground, without any strength to get up. Achila could see the pallor on his face. His lips were almost transparent and his hands were shaking. He panted, trying oxygen and his eyes, which were as blue as the most serene sea, were taking a scarlet tone, but not like the eyes of Valentine. That scarlet of Blake's eyes showed the deepest and most desperate thirst that he could feel.
 Achila down the collar of her overcoat.
- I can not do anything for you right now.
- Achila, I will never do that. I'd rather die by touching a drop of your blood.
  He gently touched the neck of his sister and lifted the collar of her coat. As much as the seat she tried to take her blood, Blake knew it was not what he wanted.
- Then I'll look for something for you.
  She left before hearing any complaint from her brother and returned shortly after with a fox in her hands. Blake drank every last drop of the blood of the animal, feeling that it was still too little. His body demanded human blood, but he refused to hurt his sister for that. He would have to be content with that fox and some other animal he could find along the way.
- I'm fine now. Come on.
- No, you are not. Blake, please admit that you need human blood.
- You promised you would never give a single drop of blood to a vampire, I can not do that.
- I broke all the promises I made when I entered this war for you. I do not care longer maintain the honor of Allucard but save your life. Blake, you are the only person I have in this world.
  Blake swallowed. His throat burned and the thirst for human blood consumed increasingly, especially in the face of Achila disposal.

- Lord, we can not find Blake's blood trail.
- We have to keep looking. Mr. Valentine will be furious with us if we do not find them.
  At the same time that Lycaon and the soldiers looked for the tracks, Liam passed them with incredibly determined speed, with soldiers in pursuit.
- We have nothing to lose. Go after them, so we will certainly find our target.

 Blake's canines were crying as well as its owner. As much as he needed human blood, the last thing he wanted to do in his life was to drink the blood of the only sister he had.
- I'm sorry for doing this to you.
- You are this way because of me, who should be sorry it's me. Because of me you was kidnapped when you were a child, became a vampire and was almost dead now because I did not have competence to free myself from the chains and not to avoid being hit by that stupid arrow. All my blood can not pay all your suffering till today.
 He stopped losing blood and some of the cuts and scrapes he had been healed.
 The rough tongue of Blake indicated that it was all over. The Achila neck brands wasn't bleeding anymore, however it was weaker than before.
- Glad to see you're better.
- I can not say the same of you. I'm really sorry.
  Blake carried her in his arms for the rest of the way, as she had no strength to walk. Her breathing became deeper and more regular, indicating that Achila had given to fatigue due to the blood loss.

- Liam, there's traces of blood anywhere. At the end we were able to detect not only the blood of the general Blake, but also a few drops of blood from Miss Achila.
  Liam followed the soldier to the end of the blood path and began tracking the area carefully to see brands steps on the grass, which were in a newer way. He sought smell beyond the eucalyptus and managed to capture the smell of both brothers.
- Come on. We need to reach them before something worse happens to them.
- What do you mean, sir?
- Surely Blake took the blood of his sister. Let's hope she's still alive.