Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

{ IV. Just a Thing

- Dustin, I do not think that's a good idea. Do you at least know what might happen?
- Blair, please take a chance. They promised to get us out and pay me. Think of Chiara, she does not deserve to remain so
- I think of Chiara, but I also think of you. I know that not long ago, but we are a family and I can not think of anything bad happening to you.
- Nothing bad will happen to me, they assured. Anyway, I can no longer do this when I don't want, right? So we have nothing to worry about.
- I'm not sure.
  Dustin took her hands.
- I understand your concern, but we have nothing better right now. Please promise me you'll give it a try.
  Blair sighed, without alternative. Chiara was eager, despite not having said a word the whole time and did not understand much about the subject. She snuggled her brother as usual and fell asleep immediately.
- What happened?
- I'm thinking.
  Blair was sitting near the window, where entered the pale moonlight. Dustin understood what she thought, but could not ignore that solution would have for all of them.
- How all this could happen?
- I do not know either. The only thing I know is that we must continue at all costs.
- Yes.

   Matthew's sedan was stopped in the same place just as the clock struck three pm. Chiara was the first to get in the car, pulling Blair eagerly by the arm in the back seat.
- She looks lively.
- Yes she is.
  Dustin did not understand Matthew's smile, but also followed him into the car. The silence hung in the air while they were en route to the company and the only thing that emitted a sound was the car radio that was on.
  As the car proceeded down the road, the three realized that the situation was better in other cities. The closer to the capital, the better was the situation of the cities that were around; still they had companies that were going bankrupt and banks that were breaking.
- How are you willing to pay such a large amount of money of while the country is in crisis?
  Blair did not seem concerned about the reaction of Matthew.
- We are not supported by the New Union. All our resources comes from New America, Asian business people and some countries in Europe.. We are settled in the country of you for improvement.
- So you just see us as guinea pigs?
- Blair, you are going too far.
- Do not worry about it, Dustin. - Matthew stared at him in the rearview mirror - like to discuss with minds like hers.
- You did not answer my question.
- Let's say you are completely lacking in financial resources and so are the only nation that does not offer resistance to our tests. We have the money and you have the raw material for our research. We are simply making an exchange.
- What about the people's lives? They mean nothing?
- They are like test tubes for a chemical experiment. This means that for us they are just the recipient of our reactions.
- How can you be so cold and calculating like this? People like you make me sick.
- You do not understand capitalism, so can not understand our conduct. I do not blame you for it.
- Does this then mean that Dustin is more of a "door" that brings money to you?
- Not exactly. We have the records of the surviving soldiers of the war and I must say that Dustin has remarkable resilience. So we'll treat him in a special way.
- Like for example?
- All humans are used for testing should be kept within our company and no contact with anyone who is outside the company. However, Dustin will return home once the tests are completed every day. You can get together on weekends and live normally. He has full assistance of our doctors if something happens.
- How do I know all this you are ensuring? Large traders also have a large ability to lie.
- I am a man of words, my dear. Do not worry about it.