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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 7, 2015

║☓ Twenty Fourth Bloody Rose

- What have you done? The person who almost lost the life to save her ends up becoming a slave to the headquarters? Poor thing.
- This is happening because of you, Valentine.
- Let's not start with the blame game, okay?
- I have nothing to deal with you.
  Blake kept walking with Achila in his arms, still unconscious to a silver arrow go whizzing by his head.
- No one retires until I command. Thank that I did wrong your head on purpose.
- Valentine, you wanted the land, right? All right, stay with them. Dominate the entire province and leave us alone.
- I do not just want the land, but take your lives. This war will end only when the last general fall before me. While you and your sister are alive, your army will have a reason to fight and that's a problem. - He looked away for Achila - But I think I can just worry about you, Achila is almost dead.
 The boy growled, trying not to give in to Valentine's teasers, however he knew the weaknesses of Blake and used it against him without mercy. Unlike Abel, that Archer knew how to weaken the enemy with words, using force only as a last resort.
- I hope this is growl to yourself, boy. If she dies, the blame will be entirely yours. It's really a big loss, this girl had so many skills that would be useful for me. Because of you I lost the best war machine that I could have. It was worth more than all my army.
  Blake threw the spear towards Valentine, overcome with anger and resentment.
- No one has the right to speak his way about her.
- I expected that. - Even after being wounded by the spear, Valentine was still on the tree branch taking the drops of his own blood - Richard may have turned you into a skilled vampire, but you are weak.
- Shut up.
- I'm just telling the truth. You're stuck with deadly feelings that are leading you to the bottom slowly. I hate to admit it, but you might be able to face myself if you had become a complete vampire. Blake, you're nothing but a worm while staying attached to the past and to your sister.
- You do not know what happened to us to say such a thing! You're nothing but a murderer. Nearly half of the human remaining at the beginning of this era were killed to quench your thirst. You have sent skills because you passes over the feelings of lost and terrified humans.
- And yet I got the power. I don't mind about the human's feelings, not even the last of each. All this is synonymous with weakness and you have an example in your arms. Achila lived to this day thinking about the past and feelings that blinded what was happening around. She is almost dead now because the love she has for you blinded her and now will have to pay with her live. The same is happening to you.
  Valentine pointed an arrow at them and tossed precisely in Achila. However, it was not her blood that dyed grass, but the Blake's blood.
- Can you see what you have become after meeting her again? Before this you were cold and had no feelings for anyone. You would never been hurt to protect someone and now you are ready to die for her.
- I know that. However, she is the only person I have left in this world; I prefer to die than see her suffer this way.
  The archer laughed with speech typically human from Blake.
- Achila loves you, Blake. Do you really think that your death will bring an end to her suffering? You are wrong. This will increase her wounds. What you are thinking is so limited by your old human part that you can not see the meaning of your own words. If you wanted to put an end to her suffering, you should be ready to fight and live and not to fight and die.
  Blake looked at Achila in his arms. For the first time Valentine was right in that whole discussion. What he has done so far only wounded his sister even more and was the cause of all this misery.
- Why did you come here to tell me that?
- Because I want to kill you when you're strong enough to fight me.