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Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

║☓ Twenty Second Bloody Rose

- Lord, what do we do?
- Is there the presence of any enemy unit?
- No sir.
- I want a third of the soldiers on the outside immediately. We will find the two before it's too late.
  Liam and the soldiers went to the limits of the land where Blake had followed.
- Sir, there is a trail of blood right there.
- That smell ... Do not lose this track, we must find them as quickly as possible!
  Blake's trail led him to the home of Valentine, whose soldiers were walking from one side to the other. Some with swords, others with spears, others with bows prepared to shoot.
  However, there was a man who was without armor and walked on the walls of the main gates without fear of being hit by an enemy. He wore black and red leather and black hair covering her face, which was turned down. In the hands, which were covered with black leather gloves, he carried a bow and several arrows made entirely of silver.
- Lord, I do not think it's safe to approach.
- You stay here. There's something about this man that bothers me.
  Liam stepped out from behind the trees, with their swords drawn.
- I did not think you would come without a general. I admire your courage and regret the loss of Richard.
- No one beyond we know the death of Richard. How do you know that? Furthermore, how do you know we're out of our general?
  Valentine laughed and opened his eyes slowly to face Liam.
- It was I who drew the plan for the death of Richard and who planned the kidnapping of Achila Allucard to attract general of you guys. - He bowed slightly - My name is Valentine.
  Liam just remembered the man in which Achila had spoken. He swallowed quietly, wondering what could have happened to the brothers.
- I really wanted to play with you, but I have other plans in mind. General of you are almost dead, not worth continuing this fight. You lost this war whether you like it or not.
- We will not surrender to obey someone like you.
- This war is almost over. Abel is not even in this world to compete for land with me. No clan is willing to face me.
  Liam clenched his jaw. The Valentine's tone was coldly calm and somewhat arrogant. However, knowing the skills that only he has in every province, it was justified the fact clan to rise against him. The former adviser did not want to admit it, but Valentine had strength, speed and intelligence completely above them. In addition, resistance to sun was what was to be feared, because while the others slept, he could cause further damage without being seen.
- What happened? I have no time to waste with insects like you.
- I want to know what you did with the Allucard brothers.
- They ran away from me, I have no idea of where they will be at this hour. The only thing I can guarantee you is that the general of you is one step to join Richard.
  Valentine calmly watched the removal of Richard clan soldiers as they searched for a new trail brothers. For him, it was just a comedy, since he would not be harmed by anyone. However, what would be the reaction of those stupid soldiers when they saw the two dead brothers? Certainly it would be worth it.
- Lycaon, unite your troops and follow the trail of Allucard brothers. Bring them here, preferably alive.
- Immediately.

- Blake, please hold on, we will not take long to get to the castle.
- I ... do not know how much more I can walk.
  Blake had no more strength to support the boom and keep moving. Even getting the support of Achila, he lost more and more blood by the way, what was causing the decline of his senses, especially vision. If he continued struggling, soon I could not even see the face of his sister, who was beside him.