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Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

║☓ Twenty Sixth Bloody Rose

- I've been waiting a long time for it. - Valentine smiled with an incomparable joy - finally I met someone close to my level. Lycaon, prepare the archers and other troops, we will have visits soon.
  The archer waited patiently for the arrival of the small clan that was still willing to play with him. Although they are almost insignificant compared to the other clans, this was giving more work than the others.

- Blake, we divide here. Good luck and be careful.
- You too.
  While Liam and the soldiers took the front line to attack the soldiers, Blake climbed trees to get into again on Valentine's house, which apparently had no one.
  The boy managed to rebut an arrow of silver that was about to hit him.
- Apparently you rested well. Your senses are back in action.
- Let's get this over with.
- Where is your sister?
- Far away from your hands.
- Let's see for how long.
  Valentine smiled again and put the bow to draw his sword. He came down the wall and attacked Blake with a sword. Even with the spear, the boy could hardly protect himself.

- Michaelis, an enemy movement?
- Nothing for now. However I believe it will not be long before an attack happens.
- Let's wait.

- What's going on here?
  They had fewer soldiers than Liam expected and it made him puzzled. After all, Abel's army was also under the command of Valentine and so it should be an even bigger problem.
- Sir Liam, I believe that there is no soldier here.
- This means that Achila will have problems.
- Should we go to help her?
- Let's wait. She said that if she needed you she would send a signal.

  An arrow indicated the beginning of the invasion of their territory.
- It seems that came faster than we expected.
- Let's welcome for them.
  Achila stood on the windowsill with fully charged and polished weapons. In less than two minutes half the soldiers had fallen.
- Now is the time for you to go, I got here.
  Roland nodded and Michaelis and each took half of the soldiers who were there for the battlefield. However, a time came more soldiers. Surely Valentine is unprotected at this hour, she thought as she freed the crow Richard with a ticket to Liam. Even with the soldiers and the weapons they, they could not account for eliminating all those troops at once, as the army of the enemy was greater in number than theirs.

- What happened? Did you not rest enough? Or you are too preoccupied with your sister to pay attention to what's going on here?
- Shut up.
  Blake's wounds were open again, that was the reason for his concern. The armor was becoming heavy and the helmet it was already far away. It was true that Valentine had suffered damage, but he was faster and had greater abilities with ranged weapons. If Achila was there ... No, he could not rely on his sister forever. He promised that take care and come back to life and the victory in hand.
- You're too distracted. Remember that your sister is not here for you drink her blood again.
  Blake knew he could not be moved by anger, though he would not remember having taken the blood of her sister.
- Blake, you do not know how much power is within you, is not it? The blood of your sister can make all your awakening force, but you are still not mature enough for that. Your power now does not reach a tenth of its total capacity, so you're that way.
  It was true that after taking the blood of Achila he felt different, but even then he did not know why. Still, he should forget all this in order to win, after all he had promised it to all those who were with him forever.

- Liam, they do not stop more than show up, what do we do?
- We have to find a way for ourselves, Blake can not come to help us. He promised us victory and we must do everything possible to help him with this.
  A portion of their soldiers were killed and some were too tired to keep fighting. All Achila ammunition were over three times and yet the enemy was in greater numbers. Even with Liam strategies the amount they eliminated the enemy was almost negligible.
- We will not be able to realize all this. We need Blake here.
- Achila, we can not bother him.
- We promise to help each other. Valentine can be defeated later, but now we need to keep our lands.
  She sent the same crow to Blake.

- Well well. It seems that your army is being crushed, right? What a waste.
- They need me.
  Before Blake could leave, Valentine banned his passage.
- You will not give your back to me. If you want to help your subordinates first you will have to kill me.