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Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

║☓ Twenty Fifth Bloody Rose

- Blake!
  Liam had finally found them. Blake sat on the floor with Achila in the arms, which had regained some consciousness and was trying to wake up.
- Blake!
  The boy looked toward him and tried to smile to be alive, but he was still too preoccupied with Achila to achieve smile completely.
- Are you okay?
- When Achila wake up I can tell it.

- I apologize for not finding them before, sir.
- This time I let you go, but if there is another failure like this I will not hesitate to kill all of you. I'm not about to waste my time with soldiers who do not do what I command quickly.
- Yes, that will not be repeated.
- When Blake Allucard come, not prevent; let him come to me.

- Blake, are you sure about that?
- Yes. I'll take Achila home and come to end this war. I can not just bow to Valentine and doing nothing. Richard entrusted the victory of our clan to us, right?
  Liam nodded.
- Well, then we will bring the victory anyway.
  Blake carried Achila in the arms back home and laid her in bed under the care of the remaining soldiers, who were under the Michaelis and Roland command.
- Do not let her leave here for anything. She has no strength even to stand up.
- Yes sir.
- We wish luck in battle.
  For more proud that he had the determination to Blake, Liam was worried about his health. Even with human blood in his veins, the boy was still weakened by the injuries made with the boom, which had not completely healed.
- Blake, wait a minute.
- What happened?
- You will not fight in these conditions.
- Liam, we have no time to waste on this. I am fine.
- No, you are not. The fatigue is visible on you and injuries as well. You spear is needing to be sharp and clean, and the equipment must be restored and polished. We all need at least the rest of the day to rest and feed to face Valentine.
- Anything else? - Blake was determined to go fight anyway, even if he had to go it alone.
- Yes. It's about to dawn. Unless you have resistance to the sun, I suggest you take the time to rest.
- You always have arguments, right?
- Of course. - Liam smiled confidently - This is my work as a counselor.

  After feeding and bathing to exchange armor with lighter clothes, Blake went to the bedroom where crossed with Achila at the door, carrying a tray in hands with bandages and a mixture of herbs to enhance the healing of wounds caused by the arrows .
- What are you doing roaming around? You are weak and need to rest.
- I'll tell you the same. There are wounds did not heal and may be worse than they are. Let me handle this.
  Blake's wounds were deep and every time she put cotton with a blend of herbs he complained because of the pain.
- And you still wanted to fight like that?
- You sound like Dad.
  Achila gave a half smile.
- We have to take care of each other, after all no one else left.
- I have something to ask you.
- What is it?
- Do not go with me to face Valentine.
- It's ok.
- What happened to you? I expected you would say no.
- Michaelis told me he needed me to take care of here while you and Liam went into battle. They are hoping that Valentine send troops to take over our land thinking that there will be no one to protect these lands. Also, if he wants to kill us both, we can not be together. You will while I take care of things here.
  Blake nodded, glad I did not get into an argument with her.
- However, do not hesitate to ask for my help on the battlefield if needed.
- I will not. The same for you.