Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 20, 2015

{ I. On my own

  Different from what they expected, the government was in more trouble than anticipated. That war had caused really serious harm and even cities that had structure to help were getting. Banks were breaking, and the country also. Some countries around managed to get up again, but it seems that they would have the same fate. Of course, after the war, no country would help and therefore they would have to do everything alone, which was not giving good results. Part of the population was suffering from abject poverty and starvation, but no country was willing to sell more food for them, as the New Union - a country in southeastern Europe and where Dustin lived - was no longer able to pay. The agriculture was running out, as the amount of debris and chemicals that were on the ground any food could develop.
  Blair and Dustin did not know what else to do. Even if they were getting some money here and there, which earned was not enough for anything. The money they had for three months was coming to an end and the townspeople were moving gradually to other countries. Unlike the others, they did not have enough money even for food, so they could not buy tickets to get out of that place. For them, what hurt most was to see Chiara growing among rubble, all alone and being forced to live in misery.
- We have nothing more to do here, Blair. We have to go.
- Dustin, we have no money even to sustain us, and the tickets are more expensive than before. The most we could do is to move to a nearby city that was in better condition, but there's no city habited nearby.
- Chiara does not deserve to live like this. We need a way. Are the ones who remain in this city, there should still be some money that we can find and save.
- Stealing is not an alternative.
- Blair, there is not a single person in this town besides us! What we found was not, somehow, considered stealing! Please, can we not have as much ethical as before knowing that there is an even weaker person than we are living in inhumane conditions.
  Blair did not want to admit that really needed to go from house to house combing through everything. Chiara had to have a bit of a normal life, even if it meant to take what did not belong to them.
- One of us have to take care of Chiara.
- I will, do not worry.
- Be careful. Remember that Chiara needs you.