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Saturday, April 15, 2017

xx A Book

- Is this some kind of joke?
- And why the hell would I play with that sort of thing? - He looked upset, but restrained himself.- Come on, you had better stay close to us.
- Are you being kind now? What is it? Your mother told you to be nice to the visitor, was it?
- Be squiet and just come. If she brought me to you then it means something important.
 He would not let me say anything else. He simply began to walk through the darkness of the middle of the forest with enviable ease. I had to effort myself  to see better around me and I almost hit him several times on the way because I could not see what was in front of me.
 Soon, we were on a stretch of the path that was illuminated by the moon and where I finally saw something. I was really close to him, and if I took a step a little higher, I would certainly hit my forehead on his back.
- How did you end up there? You were following the map, were not?
 Ivory broke the silence.
- I do not know the way so well to get around by myself.
- I told you the map is fake. Why do not you believe me? You seem to trust Rathal more than you trust me.
- That's because he treated me well since the first time. But you ...
 I did not complete the sentence on purpose. Surely he knew what I was talking about.
- Not everything is always what it seems. Rathal is half vampire, if you do not remember.
- I know. The other half of him is elf. But what does one have to do with the other?
- How long do you think it will take for him to drink every drop of your blood? After all, you are human.
- Do not you think if he wanted to do that he would have done it already? After all, he gave me these clothes and gave me what to eat at his house, then I don't believe he's so evil as you say.
- Rathal is a box of surprises. I would not be surprised if he was playing with his food. Besides, do you really think it was kind of him to give you these clothes?
- Yes...
- If that's what you think ...
 I pulled his arm, making him turning toward me. Ivory did not seem happy that I did it, but I did not care.
- What is the problem?
- What do you have against Rathal? And what do you know to be able to say all this?
- I know more about him than you know. And I've told you all this before, remember? I do not need to repeat more than that. If you do not want to trust me, just see for yourself. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's unlikely.
- Actually, my ears were not burning by chance, were they? Know that it is lack of courtesy to speak ill of one who is not present to defend himself.
 Rathal was walking toward us calmly, with something in his hands, but by the precarious light I could not see what it was. He smiled at me and looked back at Ivory with a mortal expression.
- Making people feel hatred of others for no apparent reason is a bit childish, do not you think, Ivory?
- And getting in on other people's conversations is even worse. This is something that a refined person would not do.
 Rathal rolled his eyes at him and looked at me again.
- You look tired, Sorenna. You can spend the night at my house if you want. At least I will not let you sleep in the floor.
- I do not want to bother...
- And you will not. In fact, the house will be all yours, since I take advantage of the night to take care of my chores. My skin is sensitive to the sun and so I stay out of the house when the sun goes down.
- If you go with him you'll be signing your death sentence. Besides, only a stupid person would go with him after all I said.
- Did you see! I pointed to Ivory. You always find a way to offend me. Also, between sleeping in the cold and on the floor again, I prefer a ceiling. At least I'll be safe.
 Ivory laughed and started to walk away from us.
- Are you serious? Take the time to say goodbye to every drop of your blood from now on. How dumb you are ... It was good to meet you.
- Do not pay attention on him. You will be in complete safety. Come on, you need to rest and feed yourself right. I can even help you get back home this time.
- Really?
- Yeah. I'll have some free time for that. Besides, I imagine you must miss home.
- A little. But sometimes I feel like I'm part of here.
- That's because this world is a book. And a book you know very well.