Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

xx Made of Ice

 I woke up with the sunshine on my face. I admit that I was not at all comfortable lying on that floor, with absolutely nothing soft. Besides, it was cold all night, because the fire was gone and only the ashes were left there. My back hurt a lot and I struggled to get up. I stretched my muscles for a moment and looked around. I was not really at home, and it saddened me for a moment. The door of the Ivory's house opened and Rathal really was telling the truth about what happened during the day. His eyes were the same, but his hair was brown and his pointy ears were gone. He was really human. He had a reliever on his back and a bow in his hands. 
- You're going to stare at me for a long time, huh? 
 - Look who's talking ...
He did not like my answer and closed the door harder than necessary, without taking his eyes off me. - Do not think I'm going to look for food for you, so I suggest you pack up what to do.

 - I'm going, I'm going ...
I raised my hands in peace and began to walk back into the forest. I was not sure which way to go to find more food, though I did not have many choices at the moment.

It was already entangled in the trees and the only thing I could find was an apple, but that was not enough to kill my hunger. My stomach made a loud and irritating noise and I could not find anything else there. 

- Look who's here ... Sorenna, is not it? 
- Forgot my name?
- Let's just say I do not pay much attention to these things. - Rathal shrugged. - But what are you doing here? I thought you were with Ivory. 
- He told me to find something to eat. He said I should turn around.
 - But of course. He in the human personality is indeed unpleasant. Sending a human like you  looking for food in a place like this is not sweet at all. - He rummaged in a bag he was carrying while he spoke. - Here it is, I think it might help.
I took two packages from his hands and a bottle. 

- Are not you going to need it?
- No way. Keep it.
I did not have time to say anything else, because I did not see him anymore. I approached a tree and opened the packages. In one there were two breads and in the other there were two apples and some blackberries. The bottle was filled with fresh water. I ate only one bread and one more apple and decided to save the rest for later. I did not know if I could get more food on the way, so it would be best to ration it for now. I got up and went back to Ivory's house, where my things were. 

- What happened? You got nothing to eat? You should know that I have nothing to offer here.
He was back, sitting on the floor finishing the last piece of bread that was in his hands. 

- Do not worry about it. - I answered, taking the map and reaching for my book, which Ivory was able to catch first than me. 
- What is written here? I do not recognize these symbols. What kind of spells can you do? 
-It's not spells. It's a storybook that came with me. 
- And why is there a picture of Rathal here? Wait ... Why do you have pictures of several people here? 
- Like for example...? 
- My two forms, the image of my father and my mother ...- he looked at me suspiciously. - What are you up to? 
- I told you I'm not up to anything! It's just a book of fairy tales, they're common in my world. 
- And why such a resemblance?
- I do not know. Do you want to return it? It is very valuable to me and I will not leave without it.
He suddenly looked at me, his eyebrows arched. 

- Are you leaving? 
 - Of course. I know when I'm not welcome somewhere. Besides, I have to go home. 
- Wait.
I looked at him impatiently as I watched him close the book and drop it on his lap. 

- I heard when Rathal asked you how you got here. - Ivory began, and his eyes were still over the book. - And you said it was for the stars of my father and mother. 
-It was those stars, but I did not know they were your parents, Rathal told me that.
- He is right .-  I thought I noticed a certain softness in his tone of voice after that, and then he looked at me softer. - But I've never seen anyone who has been guided by them before. 
- What's that got to do with it? - I asked, impatient that he had not returned my book.
- Maybe you were guided here for some reason.- the book was opened again but on a specific page - You look like my mother's picture, the only difference is that your hair is shorter than hers.
 He looked down, thinking of something. I did not want to know, I did not trust him after all that rudeness with me. I marched toward him and picked up the book, closing it impatiently. Ivory looked startled by my gesture. I made sure that everything I needed was with me and I started to walk away, looking at the map one more time and trying to understand where I was and where I should go. 
- You know you're not going anywhere with this map, are you? And I will not help you. - I could still hear him shout. I didn't pay attention.
  So what if he said the map was fake? Rathal said it wasn't, and I admit to trusting him more than anyone else around here.