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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

║☓ Twelveth Bloody Rose

- This is my question. You should not walk around at a time like this, you are no longer human.
- I know that, but I could smell that Belgian. - He looked away toward her - What happened? Did he do something wrong?
  She shook her head, without looking into his eyes in no time.
- Even during the daylight you may be injured. Be careful, okay?
  Achila felt his lips pressed on top of her head and firm and soft and his hands on her shoulders. All that would be a lie, because Blake had never mind a cold, calculating and greedy as theirs, even if he has become one of them.
- Blake ...
- Yup?
- What will you do if Richard win this war?
- I do not know yet, but I'm sure of one thing: I'll be free of him forever.
- You do not want to kill him ... right?
  Blake gave a small laugh.
- Where did you get this idea? I do not want to take his place in some way. Do not plan to lose my freedom to take care of them, Richard can do this better than me.
  She sighed, relieved that Blake have no intention of coming to power, as the Belgian vampire had said before. For a moment Achila felt a fool for doubting her brother. However, Blake's laughter sounded somewhat strange for her, as if it were some kind of irony or even a portion of nervousness to try to hide the fact that she had found out what he was planning.
- Come on, you do not need to search for food outside. We have what you need there.
  Achila followed him and what was her surprise to see that they really fed on human food in large quantities.
- What happened? Eat all you want, they will not care. Achila, are you okay?
  She nodded slowly, but without looking in his eyes.
- Do not lie for me. I can smell the lie. What that Belgian made to you?
- He did nothing, do not worry.
- Yes, he did something - Blake was serious trying to seek the truth in her eyes - Ever since I found you at this time there is something different. You do not stop looking at me like I was a monster ready to devour you.
  Achila remained silent.
- If you do not want to tell me I will not force it. - he was angry and went away - When you realize that you can trust me you know where to find me.
  She did not want to end like this. Blake was the only person in the place she trusted, but all that the Belgian vampire said was true so far, so what could she do? Blake would hate to know that she was believing in everything. However, he may not hate her as much as he is hated now.

- Blake?
  She was surprised to see him awake.
- You are mad at me, are not you?
- Why would I be mad at you?
  Achila knew Blake enough to know that he was angry. However, it was important for her to know what was happening to him to know what to do.
- Listen: I was just thinking about what he told me.
- And now you hear the vampires? I am really amazed by it. The person who almost killed me in the forest now believe in vampires, that irony.
- But what he said is nonetheless true. Blake, when you have expressed happiness to see me again? When you really treated me like a sister?
- I've never been so happy to see you in my life, but you know very well that I have always had difficulty in showing feelings, even after growing up with vampires and have become one of them. I faced Richard to keep you beside me and ensure that nothing bad could happen to you; I showed you all the food we have so you do not risk more in the forests, I protected you from them when they tried to attack you.
- But in the end you are treating me as if I were a complete stranger to you, as if I was your meal. You do not give me a chance to talk about things other than this stupid war that's going on!
- So talk! - Blake got out of bed and Achila saw his eyes darken - I'm listening, Achila! Come on, what you want to talk about? - He did not look away when she lowered her head to avoid looking at him - It's like I thought. Talk to the other leaves you more at ease, right? Okay, I will not care from now on, but do not come to me for help when they try to kill you.
  The atmosphere between them was unbearably heavy, but Achila not give up. She knew Blake understand what she was thinking and would be calmer in one way or another.
- I love you, Blake. I do not want you to be mad at me. You're the only thing I still have this world. We were separated by more than ten years and now all I expected was that you were like before; maybe I was looking for that old Blake warm and spontaneous as a child because I still can not accept that I lost you. I still can not see you as a fact of adult, but even as a child, because it is the only memory I have of you. I do not expect you to understand me, but that's what I feel and I am very afraid of losing you again. I do not know what you feel about me, I do not know if you hate me for not having protected you.
- You, like me, was still a child. I could never hate you for what happened. Achila, no passing year I will always love you, no matter the condition. Look at you remind me I'm still human, who have not lost my soul to them fully. I entered this war just because Richard can free us when the victory come so we can get together to catch up. I now seem cold and calculating, but it is because I want more than ever to be free and to do that I lock all my feelings, including all the love I have for you.