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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

║☓ Thirteenth Bloody Rose

- Wake up! Wake up! Attack enemy of the northwest frontier! 
- We have to go.
Achila looked out the window. This time it was not the same that the Belgian vampire had as his army. They had more soldiers and appeared to be in top form.

 - Blake! The sun didn't finish yet go down, you should wait. 
- Yes, but we can not run the risk of losing the land.
They left the room and all the other soldiers were leaving for the battlefield. 

- Wait a minute.
It was the voice of Richard.

 - What happened? 
- You do not go to the battlefield.
Several soldiers began to murmur the reason Richard say that. Is he groove surrendering in full beginning of the war?

 - Feel the smell coming from the north. More soldiers are coming.
 - This is one more reason not to stay idle!
 - Shut up. Let's wait and see what happens.
While the other swayed the decision of the leader, Blake and Achila understood what Richard meant. It was more than evident that both enemies would kill each other to decide who would take the castle and so they would not have to engage in combat at the time.
The soldiers in the north came with speed never before seen exactly toward the clan that was coming from the Northwest, as Richard thought and before long they both clashed and the battle began.

 - Blake, can you see?
He nodded. 

- They are the soldiers of that pure blood.
Richard analyzing the battlefield to understand what was happening and to predict what the enemy would, as the soldiers of the North were with guaranteed victory.
There were only a few enemies of the Northwest, but who were killed in seconds by the Belgian Army, which was intact and without suffering any loss. Richard's soldiers were tense, with weapons in hand to fight back against that army, who was retiring from the field with no hint of trying to attack the castle. Blake, Achila and Richard looked at each other when one of the guards shouted one of the towers. 

- They are pulling out, there is no sign of attack. 
- Are you sure about that?
 - Yes sir. There is no ambush, it is as if they knew the invasion and had just come to help us.
 - But I did not make alliance with anyone, who would appear some kind of help?
The soldiers were retreating slowly with a sigh of relief. Richard was still looking out the window, trying to locate a trap or some sign that it still was not over, but failed. It was really like the sentry said. 

- That pure blood must be up to something. 
- He must be planning to protect our lands until only his army and ours. In this way, it will be the decisive battle.
 - It can take a long time. Maybe he's trying to eliminate all the threats in the region so that it can concentrate all his strength in us and thus dominate the entire province at a time. 
- Anyway, what he did was an unusual act, we must always be alert. 
- Why did you do that? 
- They were nothing more nor less than worms in our way.
- But they were going to attack the Richard's land; why did stop it?
- Because I want to rip the heads of Allucard brothers with my own hands. Until then, I will not allow someone else does, not even you. 
- I also have no interest in them. Do what you want for now.