Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

║☓ Eleventh Bloody Rose

  Richard smirked as he watched all from the window. Achila was back, bringing Blake with her as planned. Both were again on the battlefield, where downed half of the invaders in seconds. They were a nice team, but extremely dangerous, and that Richard knew very well. Both possessed ruthless skills and certainly his clan would emerge victorious from it all in a short time, though he knew Achila only to fight back if that compromise Blake's life, as what happened this time.
- Looks like they got it, sir.
- Yes, they did.
  The remaining soldiers were the first to enter the castle with shouts of joy for the victory and the Blake rescue. The brothers were the last to arrive and Richard was waiting for them in the main hall.
- Both of you form a good team, if it were not for you we would not have won.
  Both brothers nodded.
- I never expected to see you in action on the battlefield, huntress Allucard. I admit that I am amazed at your skills.
- It does not establish an alliance between us. Blake needed me, I did it for him and no one else.
- But you helped my soldiers.
- When I get into a war - she said, looking firmly in the eye of Richard - is to win. If I had not helped them, they would certainly have been killed.
- I hate to admit it, but I am indebted to you. I promise to pay that debt when this is over freeing you and your brother. - Richard yawned - The sun is beginning to rise, you are free to do what you want.
  Blake touched her hair before going to the room to get rid of dirty clothes ash, blood and dust and could sleep.
- I'm proud of you. - He said, before disappearing down the hall.
  She smiled. Blake was safe and that was what mattered at the time. While they slept, Achila took advantage of the daylight to look for food.
- You do not even got dirty, right? More and more I admire your skills, young huntress.
- How would you risk yourself to come and tell me something I already know; anyway, I'm not willing to make trades.
- Did you chose them? - He seemed incredulous - I'm really unhappy with your choice, a weak clan like that will fall sooner than you think.
- That clan is not weak.
- What?
- That clan is not weak. It is the strongest of all for not doing any kind of alliance; the weak are you who need each other to be stronger and that ultimately will be used and fight against each other for the land. Also, I did not choose them, I will not choose anyone.
- But you helped them.
- My brother was in danger. That's the only thing that matters to me.
- You worry too much with him. If he really cared about you he would certainly try to find you all these years, however he only came to deliver you the clutches of Richard. He let them transform himself and even thought of you.
- He did this to take care of me.
- And do you believe a vampire?
- He's my brother.
- But still remains a vampire. At some point he said he was happy to rediscover yourself or that he missed you? At some point did he said that everything would be fine?
  Achila lowered her head, knowing he did no such thing. Blake wants everything so far is it from the battlefield to bring victory to them, nothing more and nothing less. Anyway, She did not want to accept it, however it was true. He could become one of them, but he could not have become a totally cold and calculating creature like them.
- He just wants power and he is using you for that. Blake will help take the win and then cut the Richard's head and rule.
- You're lying. It is not so. Blake would not be able to do that, loyalty is one of the his greatest qualities.
- You are blinded by brotherly love. Leave that aside for a moment and review his conduct to you for just a moment.
- It protects me from the rest of the vampires.
- Because if you die how can he emerge victorious from this war? He has to protect you now to let you die later.
  She swallowed and clenched her fists tightly, not wanting to admit that Belgian vampire was right. But she could not believe him now, she would do exactly what he said, let brotherly love and see more clearly what was happening between them, which is intended to Blake in the long run.
- He was proud of me for saving him and for fighting for him.
- Of course, my little hunter - he smirked - If he died, how could he rule? It is more than likely his happiness, because it shows that he can control his actions just because he is your brother. You are doing exactly what he wants.
- That's a lie. Blake would not.
- Achila, wake up. He grew up among them, the coldest clan of us all and simply abandoned his original race to join them only because humans had already lost to us. Do not you see? Blake is just drawing the plans for him to take the place of Richard. If you'll excuse me, I have more things to do. Think about what I told you and then come back to look for me.
- And why would I seek you?
  He was not there. For a moment, Achila lost the form because dwelling on what he said. It all made sense so far. From the time she was with him, Blake did not show true happiness as when he was a child. It seems that all that warm feeling had disappeared along with his human form.
- Achila, what are you doing there?