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Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

║☓ Tenth Bloody Rose

  The enemy soldiers were approaching, but she was determined not to move a muscle to help them. Blake was with them and therefore the victory would be ensured, at least this time. She could see that the numbers were completely dissimilar, since the enemy had made alliance with another clan. Achila had nothing to do with it, therefore she distanced from the window and came toward Richard.
- Will not you help them?
- Somebody has to protect our home. If all be to the battlefield the enemy can take advantage and we can lose the land. - He looked away to the window and smiled - It seems that the numbers of enemies are decreasing ... Blake is doing an excellent job.
- Blake?
- He is the only general who is on the battlefield, the rest is guarding the surroundings of the mansion. I never had a doubt of his ability. Still, he is not able to do everything alone.
- You should send someone else with him.
- You're right ... - he looked at her - Go help your brother.
  She growled.
- You do not own me, remember?
- Yes, but you are in my castle, remember? If I wanted I could kill you now and make Blake believes that was an enemy attack.
- Anyway I will not get involved.
  One of the wounded vampires crossed the hall door.
- Lord, there are reinforcements coming more and more, we will not be able to cope. They captured the general Blake.
  Achila turned her attention to the soldier.
- Where did they take him?
- For their base on the border not far from here.
- You! - She pointed to a general who was over there - go to the battlefield at once! I'll bring Blake back.
- And why should I obey you?
  She pointed the gun at him, with the preparation trigger.
- Because I can turn you into ashes right now.
  He narrowed his eyes and growled, but turned out to obey. Achila prepared her arms and jumped out the window, prepared to run as far as Blake was. Father, mother, I'm sorry about that; I promised I would not interfere for nothing, but I can not let Blake die when I can save him. I thought I had lost him ten years ago and now that I saw him again I will not lose it again, she thought as she ran as fast as he could in the direction of an enemy group that was coming toward her.
  Richard did not lose sight of Achila for nothing. The agility with which she dropped the group was about to attack was surprising and the fact that she was helping his soldiers was something he did not expect at all, but she was there, helping them while opening the way for find her brother at the border.

- What will you do now, brave general?
  Blake had his hands and feet tied and all weapons were held by the enemy.
- They do not need me to win, there are other generals to replace me. You're wasting your time keeping me here. If you want to kill me, go ahead, Richard will never send someone to rescue me.
- Of course they need - he used the spear Blake to make it cuts on his face - You are the most valuable piece that he has, without you they can not do anything.
- Then I'll have to get out by my own.
  Blake's smile made the other lost his temper. His green eyes flashed with anger and he had to control himself not to throw the spear at the height of his head, after all the prisoner still had utilities. If Richard did not send rescue, he could have him as captain of the his guard.
- You said that Richard would not send anyone, right? So why am I feeling smell of eucalyptus that region?
  Blake sniffed the air and did not need long to realize that there really was someone trying to rescue him. The sound of shots was enough that they both knew who it was.
  The pureblood Belgian smiled.
- I must admit that the redemption that is sent efficiently and at a level of unearthly beauty.
- I will not allow talk about my sister like that.
- And what will you do, boy?
- What? Me? Nothing but, she will.
  A shot struck the hand of Belgian vampire, who dropped the spear Blake on the floor with a growl of pain. The door was broken and dust from the floor went up, preventing his vision, but not the Achila, which released the soon brother who could and gave him the spear, pulling him by the hand so they could get out as soon as possible.
- I did not know you were coming.
- I can not lose you again. Also, Richard needs you.
- Let's get out as soon as possible.
- Close the exits! They can not escape here alive!
  They quickened their pace, however, Achila could not keep up. Blake grabbed her around the waist and used the maximum speed to leave through the main gate, which was about to close.
- Blake, we can not.
- Yes, we are going.
  Achila closed the eyes. There was only a single slot in the gate and it was impossible that they could go through at least not both together. At the same moment she felt her body lighter and at a great rate. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw that had been thrown over the wall and was about to go against the ground. Before this happened indeed, she could support one hand on the floor and do a somersault before standing, unscathed.
- What did you have in mind?
- I said that we could get out of there, did not I?
- But you did not say you would throw me over the gates!
- You managed to fall standing. Quick, let's go back.
- Lord, they fled.
- Leave us. I'd rather kill them under the nose of Richard, so he learns not to underestimate us in battle.