Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

║☓ Seventh Bloody Rose

  Achila returned to the room still feeling hungrier than before. The food was scarce, she still had an injury, which left her worried, because after all she was in a place where all were vampires and could realize the smell of blood on unimaginable distances. 
- I told you not to leave the room alone.
She got surprised with Blake in the corridor. He still seemed to be sleepy because they were still four of the afternoon.

 - I ... It's just that I could not stay locked in a room without eating anything! 
-  I'm seeing you got nothing.
He was right. For this reason, she hoped he would not notice the wound on her face and did not feel the smell of blood.

 - How did you know it was me? 
- Are you kidding? The smell of your blood woke me for some time. What have you done? 
- What is happening? I should not give satisfactions for you! 
- You depend on me to keep intact in this mansion. In addition, you are the only human remaining here and for that reason you are as a child.
Achila snorted and followed the hard steps toward the bedroom, admitting for the first time, she depended on someone and not vice versa. It was hard to be getting younger brother scolding, however it was necessary for her to stay alive.
Blake closed the door behind him. 

- You can tell me everything that happened. Who did hurt you? 
- Blake, there's nothing to worry. I went looking for food when a pureblood Belgian appeared and wanted me allied myself to him in the war. He said he had plans and would turn me in a vampire when he won. I denied and gave back ... 
- Never give back to a vampire. 
- I know that, but I did not want to keep hearing so many absurdities and he ended up hurting me. I will not ally myself to anything or anyone.
He was in silence, meditating on what she had just said. 

- So that means you do not would enter this war even if I asked you?
 - No. 
- Then why did you agree to be here? 
- Because I do not want to lose you again; now I found you I do not want to be alone again.
 - You were not like this ... Do people change, don't they?
 - You're right; you also changed.
The silence hung between them. Blake was still tired so went back to sleep. Achila sat on the floor, her stomach protesting eagerly hunger, but she could not leave the room to look for anything. She looked at Blake, not knowing what to think. He had changed drastically, that was a fact, but certainly he had not lost forever. After all, he still retain the Allucard's mark. With nothing to do, she leaned on the chair and fell asleep.