Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, August 21, 2015

║☓ Nineth Bloody Rose

- I know that, but I have no interest in working for you to be discarded at the end as waste. 
- Who said we'd kill you? - Richard frowned - We thirst for power, but we would never kill such a valuable piece like you, young lady.
 - Of course not. - Achila countered - as they say  "keep your friends close and enemies closer," right? 
- Exactly. - He smiled, showing his white and sharp canines - having you and your brother beside us, we can never lose. 
- Poor Richard ... I really feel sorry for you for thinking so.
Richard tried to ignore the comment. 

- Are you seeing this? - He had a silver chain with the symbol of a black rose in his hands - This can make all from this mansion have complete respect for you and try not threaten you. 
- And what do you want from me showing it?
 - Give me your gun and I'll give you this. Then both sides threats are safe. You can walk freely through the mansion and we will be quiet to hear that you will not shoot us. What do you think? I guarantee you there is nothing better to offer.
 - I'm sorry, but I'd rather stay cloistered in Blake's room to believe anything you say. I do not give you my weapons to be killed as soon as I come out on this corridor.
 - It's really a big loss, but the decision is all yours. - Richard again kept the chain in the pocket of this coat - I'll give you a time to think about it because I know you still feel resentment for what happened to your family. However, think better: if we were as dirty as you say, we could have killed you and your brother too, but we did not. Blake became our best general and has powers that no one in this world has.
Blake bowed and withdrew, followed closely by Achila, which did not look at Richard at any time before leaving. As the door closed behind them, the boy decreases step to stand beside his sister. 

- Did you have no idea what you do? 
- I can not trust him. Vampires are not trustworthy. 
- This means that you do not trust me? 
- If I did not trust certainly would not have returned. One way or another, you are my brother and the only source of security that I have in this place. And I know that deep down - she pointed at the height of his heart - something human remains and you insist on choke it.
He did not answer. Achila knew nothing and did not want to understand. Anyway, they knew very well that the war was about to erupt at any time in that region and that she would have no choice but to fight following the same principles of Richard to survive to the end of it all. 

- Blake, do you think the war will come as early as it seems?
He nodded.

 - If you look around, the only place that still remains without any dispute is our region. Richard and everyone else, believe that we may be attacked soon and that's why we told you. All other clans formed alliances and treaties to have more strength and we are the ones to dispense any kind of help from the others and asking for someone who is not a vampire. Do you understand what I mean?
- Yes. - Even though she did not want to admit, they were visible disadvantage and would be an easy target for any clan that tried to attack. 
- Our army will not handle it alone. 
- And what do you expect me to do? 
- Your weapons can destroy dozens of us with only a single shot and that would be of great help. Achila, we are not talking about a dozen enemies, but hundreds, perhaps thousands. Therefore, your hunting skills are very necessary for us and for all the clans. 
- Blake! - One of the soldiers called - The clan of the Northern province is approaching!
 - Do they have allies? 
- Yes sir.
 - I'm going on.
Blake did not wait to see the reaction of Achila, simply wielded weapons and jumped the window into a run to the battlefield. 

- Where is Blake?
 - He went to the battlefield. 
- And what are you doing here?
 - Richard, I said I would not be part of it. 
- Do what you want. Then do not blame me if your brother end up dying.