Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

║☓ Eighth Bloody Rose

  Achila woke up feeling something soft under her body. She moved slowly and realized that she was in the Blake's bed, but she was alone. It was half past seven, so this meant that the vampires were beginning to wake up and that included Blake.
She thought about leaving the room, but remembered her brother said to her never came out of there alone. For this reason, she got up and waited for some sign of him, who appeared shortly after with a tray of food for her. 
- There's nothing poisoned, trust me.
Achila started eating and Blake joined her.
 - Will I not be able to get out of here? 
- Yes you will. He wants to see you after breakfast.

When they put the foot out of the room, Achila saw a maid going through. Undoubtedly was a vampire and looked at her sidelong when he saw her. The girl was not at all surprised by this kind of reaction, after all, she thought the same about them and was just quiet because Blake was there.
They went down the hall and she could see that there were many people in that castle, although he was big enough to house twice as many residents. They followed by the dining room, where there were some vampires finishing the meal and gave a slight growl when they saw her. One of them tried to move on it, but Blake issued a grutural sound and the other went back to the food. 
- I do not think that's a good start. - She whispered to Blake. 
- You will have to work hard to reverse this reputation.
After that, she started to walk closer to her brother and without looking to either side until the time they got to the main ruler of the place. 
- I finally can see her in person: the nightmare of vampires, the only human hunter ready to kill us, Achila Allucard. Nice to meet you.
She did not answer. She stood next to her brother, critically analyzing the real leader of that clan. Like any vampire, he kept the young and healthy. His hair was gray and they were freshly cut and his eyes were green and do not let in anything. His lips were slightly pink, indicating that he had taken human blood and it made her stomach churn. 
- What happened? I do not bite.
 - I have nothing to talk to someone of your kind. If it is about the war, I won't join you or anyone.
He frowned, but after a laugh.
 - You should be scared of everything that's going on. Let's start again: My name is Richard Grey. I admire be in the company of a girl of such courage and whose brother is an accomplished warrior. I imagine this to be family.
 - Blake, do not want to be here. 
- And since when you need his permission to go somewhere? - Richard smiled cynically - Oh, yes, your fame is not very good between us and who knows what can happen if you are alone.
Blake growled and remained on the defensiveof her sister. 
- Richard, I did not bring her here to receive insults.
He scratched his chin thoughtfully. 
- You've changed, Blake. Before the existence of your sister made no difference, but now you are willing to do anything for her. - He narrowed his eyes - I can even see the glow of brotherly love in your eyes.
None of them answered. Achila was annoyed and attempted to grab the gun from the coat, but she did just because she had heard her brother's conversation with Richard when Blake felt responsible for all of her actions in fields. He in turn,
was subdued by Richard until they won the war, so he could not defend his sister as wanted. 
- I hope you change your mind as soon as possible - Richard broke the silence - the war can take shape at any time.