Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

║☓ Sixth Bloody Rose

  Achila did not want to be confined in that room waiting Blake wake up. However, she promised that would not leave there until night fell. The girl looked toward her brother and realized that he certainly would not wake up so easily. She put her coat and prepared the weapon to defend herself before walking out the window and look for something to eat. Unlike them, she could not stay so long without food.
She found a rabbit that was in a pool of blood and with two fang marks near the head. Achila could not imagine Blake doing such a thing, but the reality was that and no use denying it any longer because they had other things to worry about. The war was an example.
She heard the sound of a twig breaking a few meters. This could not be good at all, so she prepared to shoot. Anyway, just a very careless vampire go around in full sunlight noon. Achila turned slowly and began walking toward the noise, being careful not to be surprised.
While she was walking in that direction, the noise increased and seemed to follow in her direction. Achila had not been able to see anything, so it made the situation even worse for her. If Blake found out this, she would have even greater problems than those.
There was a stretch of forest that did not allow the passage of sunlight and, as she expected, the noise was coming from there. With weapons drawn she gave the first shot before entering there.
- I should give you the change for that shooting, young lady.
Achila saw one of them coming out of the trees with the soaked left shoulder of a violet liquid that was still staining the white ground by snow. As might be expected, he was also an aristocrat and traits stating his origin: he was a pureblood Belgian with green eyes and straight hair and long gold.
 - Lower your weapons, I'm not here to fight, but to negotiate with you.
She took two steps backward, without taking her finger from the trigger.

 - I'm sure you know we're at war.- That's not my problem. There will form alliance with anyone.
He narrowed his eyes. 

- I know you're lying. I feel the smell of the lie in every word you say. If so, why do you care so much about the fact that your brother had become of us? 
- You have nothing to do with it, none of you has something about it. Even if I'm there because of Blake, it does not say that I will go on this war. 
- But you can wipe out a large part of us. - He grinned - That's not what vampire hunters do? If you join someone more than half of our population will fall ... And you could wipe out one by one of the rulers to return everything to normal.
 - And why are you happy with this idea?
 - Because if you join me I already have outlined plans: you help me to win this war and before you think to eliminate me, I'll turn you into one of us for the rest of your life.
Imagine it made her stomach hurt and the taste of bile rose to her throat slowly.

 - I will not waste my time arguing with someone of your kind.
Achila turned away without another word. He, in turn, growled and advanced on her, making her a cut on her face. She shot, but this time the it went well away from him.

 - No one turns away from me. You are an insignificant human in this world that I could remove in seconds. 
- I'll tell you the same. - Both weapons were pointed it at his head - however I do not need to get so close to do it ... Oh, you're not listening to a word I'm talking about, right?
He smiled,
moistening his lips with his tongue to see her blood running down from the cut that he had done.
 - This is really a waste, but I'll give you some time to think about my proposal. After all, you do not know how the others are standing together with your brother.
He disappeared before she could realize. If they were the same type that guy, Blake would not be alive. He was transformed, but was alive and knew perfectly take care. That was the most important and she would not enter this war, because anything or anyone.