Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

║☓ Fifth Bloody Rose

  Achila's eyes were slowly opening and her vision was adjusting gradually to the single ray of sun coming through the black velvet curtains. She did not recognize that room. Where was she? The last thing she remembered was that Blake said he became a vampire to take care of her. Perhaps this was one of his powers?
She tried to sit up, but she felt something on her waist. As her vision was clearer, Achila realized that Blake was at her side, asleep. It was true the things were different now. If she was out there, the sun would be her shield, while they all slept until the night arrives.
See the boy sleeping so peacefully like that reminded her of when they were children. Yes, even each having their own bed, Blake usually slept with her. He seemed so helpless, so fragile, but now he could ever care for and was even stronger than her. Perhaps this was one reason for which she felt angry; after all, she lost all the life of her brother and now see him like that was strange.

 - Sorry.
His eyes were wide open directly focused on her. For a moment, Achila managed to capture that gentle look he had before. 

- I could feel your eyes on me all the time. Do you need something? 
- No, I'm well. I did not want to wake you.
He said nothing. Only analyzed her expression with caution and curiosity.

 - You do not look that person anymore as strong as before. 
- What do you mean? 
- Once you were hardest with me and always tried to make me grow. You were extremely confident and strong, but after that ... You have become much more fragile, I can see it clearly now.
She lowered her head, feeling embarrassed that he had noticed. 

- That's why I do not regret my choice. You took care of me for a long time and now it's my turn to repay it.
 - Blake ... You were so different. I never thought I'd see you like this.
He smiled as he always did, until someone knocked the door. 

- Stay here, did you understand?
 - Why? 
- I do not know what goes on in their heads. Please do not leave this room.
He closed the door behind him, so she could not see who had knocked.- I'm glad you've managed to bring her up here, though not want her too next to you again.

 - And how could I trust you? 
- You grew up here, Blake. You know very well who we are. 
- And that's why I worry. You did this to me - he showed the fang marks - How can I believe that when I return, she will be alive? I just can not trust you. 
- And how can you ensure that she will not use her weapons and kill one by one in your absence? How can we trust her? 
- She's my problem. I consider myself responsible for every thing she does in this castle.
 - Right. But she can not be with you. We have prepared a room for her. 
- No. - Blake growled hungrily 
- She'll stay with me. If not, I will join her a lost cause, but you know very well that we could win. 
- You are fully responsible for what she does from now on. If something wrong happens, you both will pay the price. 
- I trust her.

As he returned to the bedroom, a shadow passed down the hall and he knew very well who it was. 

- I told you not to leave the room. 
- I'm sorry, but I thought they were going to punish you.
 - They will not go.
 - What happened? You seem upset. 
- It's nothing. I just need some rest.
Achila knew him very well. If something was wrong he would not say never, even under torture. However, to not lose him, she chose to remain silent. He lay still upset, but she did not care. He was there, that was what mattered. 

- What are you doing? 
- It was like you liked to sleep. You loved when I touched your hair.
His expression softened.

- I missed it every time I went to sleep. Please do not leave this room without me. 
- I promise.