Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

║☓ Second Bloody Rose

  Achila could not sleep, no matter how hard she tried. That gypsy managed to spoil her mood with everything. Blake would have no way to find her, since even she didn't know where she was. Everything had changed dramatically and nothing human was left out. Countries had other names, other governments, and more importantly, other people. She felt the only human in this world and that, as she did not want to admit, she was alone.

He felt a fool for trying to capture the smell of his sister. It was like he was a dog that working for someone when in fact it was nothing of that. His eyes adjusted to the dark and he could see everything that was hidden among the trees, however, with no sign of Achila.
Blake landed gently on the branch of a eucalyptus strong enough to support his weight and caught the scent of blood and ashes. Some vampire had been dead for a few hours and he knew exactly who had killed him.

She stepped down from the tree where she sat and started walking again, trying to forget everything. Yes, it would not be easy, but what could she do? There was nothing left to her anymore and all those memories now became too heavy a burden for her to carry any longer.
Achila heard the rustle of leaves on a branch and drew the gun from her coat, waiting for whoever would show up. However, the only thing she could see was a shadow leaping with feline grace from branch to branch. She did not lower the gun, although she had already noticed that the person was not looking down and not at her.

Blake felt someone staring him, however he would not waste time looking for whoever it was. He wanted to get to the place where that vampire had been killed to finally manage to find Achila and finish with all that in one way or another. As he progressed, the more he felt the smell of blood and ashes and realized that was getting closer to finding her. How could she be after ten years? He did not know, but he was sure he would find out soon if he ignored the person who was watching him.

Achila realized that the person was not about to stop to look in her direction, but she knew she could not be sure he would not attack her. So she ended up following him, gun in hand and eyes focused on him. As she walked, the girl realized he was going back to where that vampire had been dead for some time. Why that shade wanted to find those ashes was something she would find out soon, but what mattered was truly know who was that shadow, as from the moment she saw it, Achila felt a lump forming in her throat as if I knew it but did not know where.
The snow had given a truce and the moonlight grew stronger, increasing the ability to see it. The shadow was moving faster and that made it harder for her. Anyway, she pointed the gun at it and waited for the right moment, when it was near the moonlight.
He was getting close and the moonlight the renewed his forces, however, he still felt that same person following him. The main light of the moon was closer and he would have even more speed, maybe enough to get rid of those who were following him. It was enough just a few more steps.

She did not believe what I was seeing. It could not be him. If it was, how did he have so skillfully? It should be a mistake.
Achila held the gun with trembling hands of anxiety and shot, without even knowing what would happen.

A shot whizzed by his right arm, causing a tear in his sleeve he was wearing, but that was enough to burn a bit of his skin. No doubt that shot came from the gun of a hunter. No; from a huntress.
Blake looked down and saw the person who was following him all this time. It was exactly who he was looking for and whose aim was still on him. He landed on the nearest branch and stared at her, trying to make sure it was really the person he was looking for all this time.