Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, July 24, 2015

║☓ Fourfth Bloody Rose

  Achila did not have the slightest idea of ​​what was happening into Blake's head at that moment. However, she would not admit it. In the older sister position, she would have to care for him until the end and that was what she wanted now. Blake had his unique skills and together they would be unstoppable. There was still time for them to reverse the situation and she needed to say it to him.
 - Blake, please, we can still save the rest of humanity. It's not over completely, believe me. 
- Achila, there are no more humans to populate this world again. We could not reverse the contaminated humans. Please leave this blank because you will just suffer. 
- Why are you so concerned about this? You said yourself that there is no way to reverse the situation, so leave me alone. I will not leave my origin to join to them.
Blake came up two steps, making only a few centimeters separated them. He lowered his head until his lips were near her ear. 

- Because it took me long to find you and I can not stand the idea of losing you again. I do not want to think about the possibility of you being attacked by someone while I'm safe. That's not right.
 - And how can you guarantee that I will be safe with you? They will use me as food, just as they do today with the humans who have not been transformed. Even the animals are not escaping that, why me, the person who hunted them all this time, would be spared the suffering? 
- Because they want you as an ally and not an enemy. I think you have noticed that they are now fighting against each other because of the territory conquest and who has you as an ally, the victory is assured. They do not want to hurt you, I assure you.
 - You're lying. I can see deep into your eyes it's a lie. There are another reason that motivate you to come here. Blake, I want the truth.
He sighed and pulled back slightly. Blake dropped his coat collar and showed her two deep marks of prey that had been made for years. Achila rubbed her eyes, without having the ability to believe what she was seeing. 

- Are you one of them? Blake, what have you done ?!
 - What it was right. If I were still human, I could not survive like you. Also, I got numerous benefits to long and short term with it. 
- That's why you were defending them so far. They defiled you completely and I was a fool for not seeing it the first time I realized it was you. 
- You are alone. I will not betray my race to join a cause that is lost for over ten years. 
- You BETRAYED your race! Blake, you were human! You belonged to the largest clan of hunters! How could you throw it all away? 
- The war now is another, Achila, and you are the first who will suffer if we do not make a decision. If you come with me I promise I will not let anything happen to you until this is over.
That was the first time Achila cried in ten years. Any cut or wound she suffered didn't hurt more than to know that the only person who still meant something to her was lost to them as well. She could not look at him without having the desire to shoot all the ammunition of the gun that she carried directly into him.

 - Go away.
 - Do whatever you want of your life. I'm just providing a path for survival and I can not go back without you.   
  Blake burned by slapping face Achila had given him, however, he did not retaliate because she knew she was too upset to think what he was doing and that was always a defect of her.
- I'm not going with you! I'm not going to any of you! 

 - She could not control her voice, which was shaky and choked because of the tears.
There was only one means to take her with him. Blake tightened his arms around her and took tenderly as he watched her trying to reject him, however, no one can reject anything that want so much. 

- Why did you do it, Blake? Why did you let them transform you? 
- Shhh ....
 - Please answer me. 
- To take care of you. - He said, as he watched Achila close her eyes and fall asleep.