Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

✣ ι ∂ση'т ¢αяє

  She had arrived first. Certainly she should be waiting in the mansion door at this hour and for this he needed to hurry to find her. As he approached, he realized that people reaction changed as soon as he appeared in the streets. His body was aching because of the burns and he could not waste time trying to understand what was happening. The carbon of the fire was still in his lungs, causing him to have crises from time to time. 
- What is this? - He heard a whisper. 
- I also do not understand ... It must be a mistake. 
- Yes, he should be dead. Even his daughter know that.
 - Poor girl, I'm sorry for her.
He approached the two people who were talking and looking at him. As he approached, the two stiffened, but on the spot. 

- Who said that to you?
 - A traveler who was passing through the outskirts of your mansion.
 - How did you have the audacity to tell this to my daughter? Do you have the remotest idea of ​​what did you do? 
- We are very sorry, sir. - Both lowered their heads.
 - Where is she? - No response - Where is Serena? 
- We do not know, sir. 
- We only know that it was that way.
Luke followed the direction in which they pointed. At least she followed the direction of the mansion. He made the horse run through the streets to get in the mansion.{...}

I just could not believe it yet. Anyway, he promised me he would come and I promised to wait for him right here. My horse was resting as I walked restlessly from one side to the other watching the people go towards their homes. Every sound of horse hooves, my heart clenched with anxiety, but soon it hurt to know that was not him.
The first drops of rain were starting to fall again. I did not mind getting all wet, but I wanted at least someone to tell me what really happened. Claude could not have survived, he can not keep stepping in this world after all. I am really grateful for he created me today, but the fact that he burned the mansion and have hidden the fact from me all this time make it become a monster.
My dress and my hair was completely wet because of the rain. With nothing to do, I sat in the mansion door and propped the chin over the knees while I shivered with cold. My eyelids were weighing, but I did not want to sleep. I could not sleep while my dad was not here with me.{...}

I woke up not know how long after, but enough that my clothes to dry. However, I did not remember having slept on something soft. I was getting up slowly and finally realized I was in a large room and the curtains open, showing the rain outside falling mercilessly. I got out of bed and realized I had a towel over my shoulders and the fire was on. The bedroom door was closed, but open and looked down the hall. It was a like the mansion that my father had before being burned.
My father.
I had forgotten him. I promised myself I would not sleep until I saw him arrive safe at home, but had no control over my sleep. I went down the stairs the fast as I could, but I bumped with someone on the first step. 

- Where are you going in such a hurry?
 - I need to see my ... - that voice. Yes, I would recognize anywhere. 
- What you need to see?
I raised my head slowly and my eyes met the black and blue eyes I knew very well. He was there with the burn marks, but he was fine.

 - I knew it could not be true!
 - I always keep my promises.
I missed his tight hug and his smell, which brought me peace and security, completely different from what I felt with Claude. 

- Claude could not survive. I'm sorry.
 - It's all right. After all, he only got what he deserved.
In the end, all that I went through during my whole life so far just seemed to blur in my memory. Claude, as well as all the fears I had and the pain that I felt began to fade from my mind, as if they never existed. It was as if all this had never happened.